Monday, November 7, 2011

John Milton Littrell: A Real Saucy Guy

John Milton Littrell is no stranger to local law enforcement. One source tells us his photo has appeared in Hard Times more often than Nick Saban's has made the sports page. The 50 year-old Littrell's crimes seem mainly to involve violence, and we would infer alcohol.

In May 1995, Littrell was wanted for third degree domestic assault in Muscle Shoals. When contacted by a city detective about turning himself in, Littrell cursed the officer and told him to come get him. Officers did just that, but apprehended the inebriated Littrell only after a 20 mile chase that ended in Lauderdale County. Needless to say Littrell's drunken rampage added quite a few charges to his already lengthy list of crimes.

In February 2010, Littrell beat an acquaintance with a bottle of Worcestershire sauce and a fire extinguisher. The attack occurred at the Economy Inn on Tennessee Street in Florence where both men were ostensibly staying. The victim's injuries were substantial enough to require several days hospitalization, but Littrell was charged with only second degree assault.

Now, John Milton Littrell lives either on the streets where he is frequently seen riding a bike or with any "lonely" women whom he can convince to give him a home. One such woman obviously regretted her decision Halloween night.

The Florence Police Domestic Violence Unit has stated Littrell beat his sometime girlfriend for a duration of over 12 hours. The woman received broken bones and internal injuries. Littrell is currently being held in the Florence-Lauderdale Detention Center on a bond of 11K. If convicted of the crimes with which he's been charged, Littrell could be sentenced to 10 years in prison. Unfortunately, these crimes are not Class A felonies, and Littrell would be entitled to "good time." Still 40 months incarceration would be 40 months the Shoals area would no longer have to worry about the violent antics of John Milton Littrell.


Littrell's two daughters are currently posting on the TimesDaily comment section that his victim deserved the violence their father meted out. How sad that new laws against domestic violence can come into effect, but we can't change the opinions of those who think women and children deserve violent beatings and rape.