Saturday, November 5, 2011

Let's Play "Where's Trevor? (Or Know Your Immigrants)"

A recent column by the TimesDaily's Mike Goens gave us an insight into the long-time journalist's view on immigration, legal or otherwise. In defense of his position, Goens mentioned a former co-worker who moved to the area from Canada. While the writer didn't mention the Canadian's name, he was referring to Trevor Stokes who toiled for our local rag for four years. Where is Trevor now?

It would appear that Trevor now labors in the vast wasteland that is known as the New York metro area. In other words, he made good. Trevor, a college-educated, English speaking, non-welfare recipient was held up as what is good with immigration. Indeed he is. Yet we must ask how Trevor Stokes represents the masses from south of our border? The answer is he doesn't. Mike Goens was comparing apples to oranges, work ethic to welfare ethic, college education to no education.

Alas, Trevor has left the building, albeit for greener pastures. It's a familiar scenario with the intelligentsia of this area, but don't worry, there are illegal immigrants willing to populate the Shoals. They pay their taxes when they buy their beer and smokes...and this seems enough for Mike Goens. Is it enough for anyone else?

Trevor Stokes