Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Surprise...Most Women Are Not Female Dogs

It seems the advertising for a Halloween Party in Sheffield has caused some backlash; however, those finding fault seem to have overlooked the most egregious blurb for this local band. We've seen ads for Satan's Youth Ministers for quite some time, but since most of us here are only into Gregorian chants and such, we haven't paid much attention.

The Facebook page for the band's holiday extravaganza used a few colorful Anglo-Saxon words that lost their ability to shock long ago. Now they're become so tiresome that most of us don't really look at the sentiments behind such verbiage. Feeling foolhardy, we decided to take a closer look at the ad.

We're sure the Sheffield police were delighted at a post by the Sandbar on Hatch Boulevard declaring revelers could get drunk there before traveling to the gala in downtown Sheffield. Yet, this was not the most disturbing aspect of the Facebook page. Here's the link if you have the inclination to read the original advert: Link

Yes, we know the word that properly describes female dogs is thrown around frequently, even directed at the males in the crowd. Just remember, ladies, if you answer to the word, why should society think you're not one?


We've heard rumblings that the final decision in the Brian Keith McGuire licensure hearing will be posted on the state board of education's site by Thursday. We'll post the decision as soon as it's made public.