Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How is the State of Alabama Spending YOUR Money?

Getting value for money--it's something most of us have been taught from our youth. Yet it seems to be a concept with which those connected to Alabama government are unfamiliar. Our friend Mark Davis recently called our attention to an article in the Alabama Family Rights Association newsletter.

For 2008, the last year for which such data are available, an estimated minimum of 1.31 million individuals (children, parents, guardians) were affected by legal rulings established by Alabama family courts. During that year, DHR received over 143K in Federal funding to assist the state in complying with the Alabama Access and Parenting Program. Just what was accomplished? From state reports:

The Alabama Department of Human Resources show only 677 parents and 695 children were involved in the Alabama Access and Visitation Programs for FY 2008. Further, the government data shows only 217 divorced parents and 246 unmarried parents were served.

Out of these numbers the services provided accounted for only 165 mediation services, 7 Counseling services, 117 Parent Education, 250 Supervised Visitation, 37 Neutral Drop-off sites, and only 26 parenting plans developed.

The question asked and unanswered: Why are there 1,577,765 persons subject to child custody judgments in the state of Alabama and only 26 parenting plans implemented.

We hardly know which is worse--the lack of oversight in these programs or the number of families involved--families torn apart and in which children suffer...


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