Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is Graham Berry an Abuser?

Graham Berry

Graham Berry is 19 years old and a test case. The University of West Alabama freshman is a 2010 graduate of Lauderdale County High School where he played varsity football. Now Lauderdale County investigators have charged Berry with domestic abuse, not because he physically attacked his ex-girlfriend, but because of the emotional trauma he inflicted when he disseminated photos of the young woman in a state of undress.

Will a Lauderdale County jury find Graham Berry guilty? Considering that Berry is also charged with the display of obscene material and criminal coercion, he may be in the mood to accept a plea--should one be offered. The latter two charges are felonies, so we may assume by now Mr. Berry has realized he's in some very hot water.

Among Graham Berry's favorite quotations on his Facebook page is "She broke my heart, so I broke her jaw." Perhaps under the circumstances Berry might consider deleting that one.


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