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One More Fatherless Home: Update on David Andrasik

David Andrasik & Infant Daughter

We recently came upon the following statistics for our great state; they should be of interest to everyone:

Children from one Parent homes account for:

  1. 85% to 90% of contested Alabama Child custody cases physical custody of the Child goes to one Parent, typically the Mother. (Bureau of the U.S. Census; Taken in to Custody, at page 35, by Stephen Baskerville, PhD., March 2007.
  2. 63% of youth suicides. (Source: U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services, Bureau of the Census).
  3. 71% of pregnant teenagers. (Source: US Dept. of Health & Human Services).
  4. 90% of all homeless and runaway Children. (Source: US Dept. of Health & Human Services).
  5. 85% of all Children that exhibit behavioral disorders. (Source: Center for Disease Control).
  6. 80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger. (Source: Criminal Justice & Behavior, Vol. 14, p. 403-26).
  7. 71% of all high school dropouts. (Source: National Principals Association Report on the State of High Schools).
  8. 75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers. (Source: Rainbows for all God`s Children).
  9. 85% of all youths sitting in prisons. (Source: Fulton Co. Georgia jail populations, Texas Dept. of Corrections).


The following information is located on the website of the Alabama Department of Human Resources.[1]

  1. Alabama currently has the 4th highest divorce rate in the country.
  2. Only about 50 percent of our Children will spend their entire Childhood in an intact family.
  3. In 2000, 29 percent of Alabama’s families with minor Children were headed by a single Parent compared to the national average of 27 percent.
  4. Divorce and non-marital childbearing have become commonplace and have dramatically altered Children’s lives.
  5. Nationally, 40 percent of Children whose fathers live outside the home have no contact with them. (Does not include data regarding number of Fathers alienated by the Mother.)
  6. The other 60 percent had contact an average of 69 days during the year. (This figure supports current Alabama legal practice for standardized visitation orders issued by Alabama judges for less than 80 days per year.)
  7. Children from father-absent homes are five times more likely to live in poverty, three times more likely to fail in school, two to three times more likely to develop emotional and behavioral problems, and three times more likely to commit suicide.
  8. The chief predictor of crime in a neighborhood is the percentage of homes without fathers.
  9. Up to 70 percent of adolescents charged with murder are from fatherless homes. (Source: U.S. Dept. of Justice).
  10. Up to 70 percent of long-term prison inmates grew up in fatherless homes. (Source: U.S. Dept. of Justice).



This brings us to David Martin Andrasik, the 42 year-old Red Bay man shot to death in early November. We previously blogged that Mr. Andrasik was stepfather to two children as well as the father of an infant daughter not two weeks old. We've received word that David and Carla's middle child, also a daughter, was his biological child as well.

We will publish information on the next Franklin County grand jury as soon as it's available. In the mean time Hershel D. Graham remains free--yes, this man with known mental problems is ostensibly enjoying life while David's family undoubtedly suffered through the holiday weekend. Let's hope Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing can hit this one out of the ballpark.

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  1. As I sit here reading your comments about my brother, David Andrasik,and tears running down my face, tears that have been flowing for 3 weeks now, since my brother's MURDER! Let me tell you about my baby brother. David put our Lord and his family before everything else in his life. He worked up to 60 hrs a week, going to school, and had just had his second baby girl, who was sick and back in the hospital, only 12 days old. David was exhausted between working, school, running to the hospital checking on his new precious baby, and still tending to his other children. David, since birth was full of life, love, and so much compassion for others, like no one I've ever known before. He was an angel walking among us. There isn't anything David wouldn't do to help someone. He was an artist beyond belief, was the best cook & so proud of providing unique healthy meals for his family. David, would make the most beautiful cakes one could ever imagine, so creative and detailed. Those loving hands will never be able to cook for his family again, never bake his special cakes for friends, never hold his little girl's hand as they walk hand in hand in the snow again. His new precious daughter has to grow up NEVER KNOWING HER DADDY, never see the kindness in his eyes, the love, his voice, nothing!!! One man decided to take all this away from our family! I'll never forget the day I saw my baby brother for the frist time as a newborn and think about the wonderful man he grew into. I cannot forget about how he was as a child on the farm, free and loving the animals on our farm like they were humans, then his teenage years, wow, those were some great years, we could only wish there were more young teenagers out there today that had the moral standings that David had, you could, even as a teenager see in his beautiful blue eyes, the love and compassion he had for everyone he met. He began to take Karate, not as a form of defense, but of self-discipline, and when he began to teach it, it was mostly to young people as himself, to teach respect, not just for themselves, but for everyone they came in contact with, it wasn't about "fighting", it was about how to use your body and mind as one, like some people do yoga and to find an inner peace, which he believed made one healthier. His students adored him. Please know we are not giving up on my baby brother's murder. We want justice, but we want it through God, and the court system, for whom we honestly have unwaivering faith and trust. I cannot understand how the man who murdered him is walking free while my baby brother of only 42 is in the ground. David had the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known, and to have a bullet put into it and end is life is just beyond cruel and evil, how a human can live with themself after doing to my baby brother, is something I will not ever understand. With my love for God and knowing David's faith, he is sitting right next to God in Heaven guiding us in the right direction, we know he was in pain when the bullet penetrated his heart and as the doctors tried to save him as he held on as long as he did to live and fought so hard to survive, but the damage was too severe, even with all David's love, he couldn't survive. We need David in our lives, we don't have that now. Just know, this is my second brother I lost within 1 1/2 yrs. When this goes to the Grand Jury, I pray with all the energy I have in my body, that they find this man guilty...PLEASE LISTEN TO OUR CRIES, KNOW WHO DAVID WAS, AND WHAT HE MEANT TO ALL OF HIS FAMILY, please don't listen to rumors, please listen to the facts, and know the kind of man my brother was. I will never give up on justice for him, NEVER! But as we are NOT a violent family, we will continue to trust in God, the people who will be sitting on the Grand Jury, and most of all, we believe in David, as we are the ones who knew him best, right down to his loving soul, for which the man who MURDERED him, couldn't take away.


    Please listen to David's cries for justice, please. I wish everyone could have had a "David" in their life, they don't come around very often. To the man who murdered my baby do you sleep at night, how do you function throughout the day, do you ever think of my brother's children, what you took from them? I doubt it, or you wouldn't have at his heart and pulled the trigger. Yes, I am beyond angry, but that anger doesn't stop me from praying for justice for David...NEVER!!! And don't take that as a threat, it's a PRAYER, and another message to the murderer...God has the power of Satan...just remember that!

  3. What was this crazy man, this Hershel Graham, doing walking the streets of Red Bay. More important, why is he still free? Let's have some answers.

  4. Thank you, Bailey Quarters, our family's thoughts exactly. But, we have to have faith in God and in our court system. Through my tears, I wrote that post, and there are numerous typo's, one being, I meant to say "God has the power over Satan, not of Satan. I just wish those people on the Grand Jury could have known David, just even for an hour, they would see he was not a violent man, he was a gentle loving soul, who wanted nothing more but to take care of his family, and do good for everyone who he met.
    My prayers are going out to those people that they can see what really happend and find this man guilty. No more lies in the paper, no more rumors, I am so tired of them. I can tell you this, the world has lost a wonderful HUMAN BEING when that man killed my baby brother. We are an extremely large family, spread out all across this country, and we are a faithful family, and we know that justice will be served. It won't bring my loving brother back to us, but it may save another person's life, something to seriously think about. Just want to thank not only you, but all those people who know this is just plain murder and justice must be served when the Grand Jury meets. Faith can move mountains!!! God Bless everyone who has been praying for David and our family. Words cannot express how much your kindness has meant to us.

  5. I am David's wife.. thank you so much for bringing attention to this senseless killing. I cry every single day for the most part all day. I actually learned of my husband's shooting via a text message while I was at the hospital with our children attending to our newborn who was having weight gain issues. I was instantly in panic, frantic calling my parents trying to find out anything. I finally hear thru other sources rumors that he had died instantly, then I was told he was not dead but was in the process of being airlifted then right back to finding out that he had passed away at the hospital via the doctor there. I was 12 days postpartum from childbirth with extreme low iron blood levels & he & I were caring for our 3 children while my husband was working 3rd shift doing as much overtime as possible since he was the only one working to provide for our family & was also in college full time online doing everything he could to better his family. Then in one instant our world was shattered.. or should I say in one bullet our world was shattered? All our plans, dreams, hopes gone.. This man is the love of my life & now I will never know what could have been. He was our middle daughter's best friend & now I am faced daily with hurts she has her that I can't fix. I look at our newborn & cry because she will never have the memories with her daddy that our other children have.. Thank God for videos & photos..but I do wanna thank God for all the wonderful acts of His goodness shown to us during this horrific tragedy. The holidays are extremely tough because Thanksgiving & especially Christmas were David's favorite..we had recently moved into our current home & from the start he was hunting the perfect place for our Christmas tree. It was only a couple weeks before his death that he was buying Thanksgiving plates, food,etc.. preparing his menu because he loved to cook so much. Those plates still sit on the shelf as does the food, our house was empty but filled with tears. This one tragic act has broken our family.. There are just no words to describe the pain we feel, the loss we relive every morning we wake up & David isn't there.

  6. I sorry but I can't believe that Alabama has the 4th highest divorce rate in the country!! That can't be right! Our conservative credentials are too strong to think so little of marriage! Think how many divorces there would be if the gays were allowed to be married! Now that's scary!

  7. This is David's wife again, I also want to say despite the statistics of "fatherless" homes they will NEVER affect mine & David's children because we serve a Mighty Savior named Jesus who told us in His Word that He is a Father to the Fatherless.. and my children do still have a dad who is very much alive in Heaven watching over them & me.. and we have that hope in Jesus Christ the One True God that one day very soon He will return & we will go to live with Jesus & we will all be reunited with our loved ones in Heaven. What a day that will be..

  8. Jason, I checked the stats in 2008, the last year such figures were available. Alabama has the 4th highest divorce rate for women and the 3rd for men (men having been married more times than women it would seem). I do not know how this was calculated, but I'm assuming divorce per capita and for that year only. In other words, it could vary quite a bit from year to year.

  9. To HG, today is the one month anniversary of the day you murdered David Andrasik. While his wife and children place a small Christmas tree at his gravesite, with special ornaments for him, and she trying to explain to these small children that Daddy’s body in in the ground, not him, his soul is in heaven, what are you doing? We know your Christmas lights are up in your windows! Are you Christmas shopping for your family, getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ? If so, what a sick hypocrite, how do you look at yourself, knowing what you did. David’s newborn baby is six weeks old today…her first Christmas and no Daddy, how horribly sad is that. This precious little angel will never have a Christmas with her Daddy. His wife found hid in their home, a “Baby’s First Christmas” stocking that David bought for her, to surprise his wife…yeah, David sounds like just a violent man doesn’t he??? David always thinking about others before himself. He had so many dreams for his family, not big dreams because he knew, you took one day at a time, but nonetheless, he had “his” dreams, and “hopes” of tomorrow, which you not only took from him, but from the rest of his entire family. I don’t think you have any idea what kind of a wonderful man you took from this earth. I am so sick of hearing the story he was in a rage…stop talking and making up lies…we know David, and anyone of us who loved animals and had a dog run out in front of us, that could have been killed or killed us by trying to avoid it, had a right to be “upset”…STOP USING THE WORD RAGE….THAT’S NOT WHO HE WAS. And let’s find out why he went to his car on two occasions to leave and was called back….WHAT WAS SAID TO DAVID TO HAVE HIM RETURN BACK, AS EXHAUSTED AS HE WAS TAKING CARE OF A SICK NEWBORN BACK IN THE HOSPITAL, WORKING ALL DAY AND TAKING ONLINE CLASSES. How bad could he have been – one against two to three of you? Answer that question. And, trust me…I have hundreds of more questions. I know that generally the expression “Southern Hospitality” is so true, not in your case. And, can we blame the Great State of Alabama and the wonderful people who live there, NO!!!! You and (the one who hit him with is truck), for which I won’t mention because I hear he is under age, but trust me, the research has been done…and all we can ask is for the kind, loving people that we hope are on the Grand Jury bring down an indictment against you. We know the power of God, and he is greater than the evil you carry in your heart. We also have faith in the law, in humanity (you didn’t take that away), and most of all the power of Jesus Christ…it is he who will bring justice to David Andrasik , an innocent, loving man, father, brother, uncle, son, and friend to everyone he ever met…from around the world…and I do mean from around the world. I HOPE YOU THINK ABOUT THE ACT YOU TOOK UPON YOURSELF TO MURDER AND INNOCIENT MAN….I HOPE YOU THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT “THIS WAS A HUMAN BEING”….DO YOU EVEN CRASP WHAT YOU DID?

  10. Would a member of the Andrasik family please contact us at:

    We want to help with this case in whatever way possible. We would also like to set up a bank account for the children if Mrs. Andrasik would be willing.

  11. Thank you so much.. We are trying so hard to be a voice for David.. today is so hard, 1 month without him and we are all still falling to pieces.. we can't yet decorate for Christmas but we do have family coming to help with the emotional part of this. Christmas was David's favorite holiday, he went all out..I will never get over David, I see no recovery anytime soon especially when those responsible go on with their lives NOT IN JAIL... when we shud be getting ready for Christmas, David going all out as usual we will be decorating his grave..

  12. Was this a robbery. Revenge? Qhy did this happen? Sorry to be nosey but I am interested in the full story, I would like to make a donation if you set up the account as well, my condolences for your loss

  13. We are setting up an account at Bank Independent and will have details later.

    On the day David was shot, a dog ran in front of his car. He stopped to check on the dog (there is a leash law in Red Bay). There are no witnesses except for those on the Graham property (owners of dog). Some are now coming forward with the truth, it would seem. Both the father and son attacked David, the father shooting him in the chest. They claimed self defense, but did not call police when they had a chance to. Since this was on Graham property, it is having to go the grand jury before the father and son can be arrested.

    Thank you for caring. I have found this to be one of the most moving situations I have seen in this area.

  14. @Gutz,first off, I would like to thank you for wanting to contribute to my little brother's children, very kind of you. Though I know so much more than people think I do...No! It was not a robbery, my innocient brother was just on his way home from visiting his sick little newborn daughter in the hospital, he was totally exhausted from the baby, work, school, etc. He had no strength in him to defend himself, and what has been written about him is false. My brother was a kind and gentle soul. He loved his children, his wife, he was taken away from us from a cold blooded murder. If you knew David as we did, you would know why, we will NEVER give up on putting this evil monster behind bars - NEVER!!!! I don't care whose property he was on, David Andrasik had NO WEAPON, NONE...He asked for help, and a door was slammed in his face. How does a man that retreats back to his car twice to leave, and walks back, guilty - think about it, what was said to call him back???? The Graham's know...I am finding out, trust me. Since the son, from what I understand is a minor, I WILL NOT BREAK THE LAW, and give his name, but he is just as guilty as the father, and he knows why!!! The truth is coming out. David is dead, buried, and can't speak, he can't tell his side of what happend, and being a man of Christ, he would have told the truth, so we have all the faith in the world, that good will overcome the evil. I just pray each and every day those that will be sitting on the Grand Jury listen to our cries for justice, and read about learn all about the Grahams, and learn about my loving brother and do the right thing...I know God will direct them correctly. I know they will put themselves inside our hearts, and know if it was their baby brother, husband, mother, father, etc., they would want justice as we do. God Bless.

  15. If the son is indicted, he will be tried as an adult--whether for felony murder (an accessory) or attempted murder, I don't know. I don't know too many 17 year-olds that would run someone down with a truck.

  16. Am very upset... while my children & I are having to decorate David's GRAVE for Christmas..HIS MURDERERS have the nerve to have CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS UP! HYPOCRITES!!!

  17. This is David's sister again. I've been doing a lot of serious thinking and praying like I've never prayed before. I've accepted the fact that my sweet baby brother was killed my means of homicide!! All the hate, the lies, the talk, etc., will not ever bring my brother back to us. I will admit that I am one strong person, and being Latina, I never quit, and I will fight for justice for anyone that deserves it. But there comes a time, that we become so consumed with hate for what this man did to my brother, that we cannot function properly on a daily basis. Being so consumed with hate, is just what Satan wants us to do. Instead of thinking what the Grand Jury will do, and try to convience people, what a great man David was, and how we knew him better than anyone, and that he would never ever try to harm another human being, and he must have been so shaken from the dog running out in front of him and suffering from exhaustion, he had no chance against a man with a gun. I'm so tired of reading about what will happen when the Grand Jury meets. I do know this, and I may have said it before, but God has the power over all evil. We must all stop talking about the man who took my brother from the life God put him on this earth to live. Though, our faith is non-waivering, and God has a plan for all of us, we do believe, it was not David's time to leave, he had so much more to live for, especially his children, and when he completed College, the people David could have helped. That won't happen now, we can't change what happened that horrible night. I will never forget the words the ER Doctor said to me "I'm so sorry, we tried for 20 minutes to save your brother's life, but he is dead". You've all heard it in the movies, but not in your own family, not to a good man, not to my baby brother. I will never forget those words, I hear them over and over again each day. But, we also know David is at peace, the pain he felt when the bullet penetrated his heart,when he knew he was never going to see his wife or children again and when he struggled to take his last breath - all that pain is gone,and David is with our Lord in a place that there is only love and kindness for others. So, when you really think about it, David is where he prepared his whole life as a Christian to be,in the loving arms of his family that has gone before him and most of all, Jesus Christ. I am turning my hate for this man over to God, and asking him to please help me deal with this, without it consuming my life. Help those people who will serve on the jury, and the DA that justice is done. I pray for all the people of Red Bay, that they too can heal from something so terrible that happened in their hometown. I will pray for the next person who decides to take the law into their own hands, think twice, because the life you take, will change so many lives forever, and no one deserves that kind of pain. Though, Christmas was one of David's favorite holidays, mostly because it was the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but also because family was everything to David. For now, let's just pray and ask that God to please help ease our pain, anger, hate and endless sadness. It will never go away, never - but help us learn how to endure this "non human" pain. Good night my little brother. Rest in Paradise and know, we will never stop loving you, and remember what a proud, loving and compassionate man you truly ARE.

  18. Please post when a bank account has been set up. I am so sorry for your family's loss. My husband was David's boss and when we got the news he was terribly upset, couldn't sleep that night because he knew there was absolutely no way David would have provoked anyone to shoot and kill him. I think about your family often and say prayers for y'all too. We are not from here and are baffled by how the law works around here.

  19. To David's bosses wife, God Bless you. Thank you so much for your kind words. I find it amazing that since my brother's MURDER, the kind and loving people, for whom I have never met, have come forward to bare witness of what a great and loving man my brother was. Since David was a baby, there was something so special about him, I can't quite explain it, but I always thought, even when I was a teenager, that David was destined for something great in his life. Though he had a few years of horrible sadness when his father left him and his other brother, who also died a year and a half ago. David was always searching for acceptance, love and the compassion he showed others. I will never say my brother was perfect, none of us are, we all make mistakes, we are human, but I must say, in my eyes David's love for humanity, animals, life and down to his beautiful art, cooking and gorgeous cakes was just a testiment to the human being and man that he grew into becoming, even after the heartship he felt being abandoned by his own father, David knew he had to overcome that pain, and I think that magnified the love he had for his own children. We all know that David was not one to start anything with someone,he was definatley provoked, there is NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT, and I too, coming from a very large city, and with the type of work I do, this law makes no sense to me and my associates. It's as I said before, something out of the "wild wild west". These times we are living in does not and should not give way to this kind of law that gives people the right to MURDER for NO REASON, and lie to say they felt threatened and it's OK. A dead man can't speak, please remember that. Human life is so much more important than that. But, we know David did nothing wrong, and it will all come out, plus so much more that has already been documented where appropriate. Again, thank you, and God Bless all the people who have sent e-mails, write-up in the newspapers, contacted your local authories,and local government on behalf of David Andrasik. Words can never express the kindness so many have shown...and for those who believe in Angels...I myself, have encountered several since my brother's MURDER. Trust me, they walk among us! Thank you!!

  20. I have a few questions that I have not seen addressed thus far. I have heard they did a toxicology test on the murder victim, the man which was dead! But did they do a blood analysis on Hershel D. Graham, to see if he had drugs or alcohol in his system, or his son's? This is the man who pulled the trigger, and the son who hit into David Andrasik with his truck? And speaking of the truck, was it impounded for DNA testing to see if Mr. Andrasik's DNA was on the vehicle where the son "claimed" Mr. Andrasik hit the window to get his attention about the unleashed dog, or where the truck actaully impacted the victim, to see if there was any damage? We know that the impact was hard enough to remove Mr. Andrasik's shoe, that is not a gentle bump, to me that is plain and simple, an assult, and some could claim "attempted murder." We know that Mr. Andrasik's death was considrerd "homicide" by means of a 22 calibar bullet directly to the heart of this young man. But, what type of 22, and was it a hollow point, which if it was a hollow point, it would have "mushroomed" when entering the heart, doing irreversible damage to a human's heart. Again, which to anyone would prove this Hershel Graham, had those types of bullets for one reason and one reason only, and why would he feel the need to have them? Good question, one I hope, along with all the others, the Andrasik family is asking. Who was in ear shot of the conversation between the Graham's and Mr. Andrasik, was it only the Graham's themselves, or was there a neutral witness that was close enough to hear if they provoked the victim, and if so, why didn't they stop Hershel D. Graham from shooting an innocient man? If they were that close to give honest witness statements, couldn't they have prevented this horrible murder. And if there was yelling going on, what exactly could they have heard? None of this makes any sense to me. Or was there no one that close, to give an honest and unbiased statement on behalf of Mr. Andrasik? Seems like the only defense is that coming straight from people who might have something to fear of this Graham family... Also, if you stated that Graham was not mentally stable, or on specific medications, isn't it true that in most states, including Alabama, you are not permitted to own a firearm, of any kind? Has this been checked out? I think it should. Personally, I think anyone that can take another human's life is mentally disturbed anyway, especially in a situation such as this, from what I have read, this man, Mr. Andrasik, had no chance from the beginning, he would have been shot had he stepped foot on their property to sell door prizes for a local church raffel, that's how ridiculious this Graham's self-defense claim is. He sounds very gun happy and claims self-defense, when, from what I've read, Mr. Andrasik was alone, unarmed, and just on his way home, from being so tired from just having a new born baby, and that baby was ill and back in the hospital. Seriously, does anyone else see how this doesn't add up? God Bless the family of Mr. David Andrasik, for I am sure their pain is unbarable to lose such a young man/father/son/brother, etc. Mr. Andrasik sounded like for all I've heard, a wonderful person, who just happened to cross the path of one evil person who has no respect for human life.

  21. No it doesn't add up... Welcome to Red Bay, AL....where anyone from here can get away with anything! I pray the Graham's do not get away with this, not even the 17 year old boy. You made very great points. The only thing I can think of about if neighbors did hear anything, they should've called the police... That'd been the only way to intervene because any other way, they'd been shot too. I guess they didn't call, I don't know, I def don't know the stories or the truth, except David was an ALL AROUND AWESOME man and should have NEVER been shot. I pray the Graham's rot under the prison, then in hell....

  22. I am beyond tired of hearing people say David was in a rage, acting out.. SO WHAT!!! He was not armed.. He was up against 2-3 people in the home, gun and a truck.. Graham had NO RIGHT to shoot and murder a father of 3, one being a newborn that was only days old when this happened.. anyone in their right mind would see Graham had options and shooting this man should never have been one of them! Call the cops.. quit trying to hide behind a stupid law that only applies to someone being burglarized or truly threatened! This was a senseless MURDER.. before they even think of letting Graham off on self defense I hope they look at the precious family he tore apart. Just look at the photos being posted.. David was a great man with so much potential. His heart so big that despite what Graham did David will never be truly gone! His death has truly changed this town. David has made an impact that few people do. David made mistakes, we all do but David was always the first to admit wrong and try to make ammends to anyone he hurt. He is someone to look up to.

  23. I wonder if ANYONE is aware that Herschel Graham made a statement to someone few months back that it would not bother him to shoot someone.. this is not hear-say. This is fact because I spoke to the person he actually said it to. They feared him. I also wonder if people know that Graham was INSIDE his home and came out and shot David Andrasik then left him laying there to die and went inside like a cold hearted sick excuse for a human being. Anyone who could shoot someone and have no remorse deserves to be punished to the FULLEST extent of the law. I hope he never forgets David Andrasik's face. This was a verbal dispute that does NOT apply to hiding behind a castle law. David Andrasik was NOT armed, was not trying to break in on the Grahams, eye witnesses saw the whole thing. This is murder pure and simple. I sure hope the grand jury sees Graham for the cold hearted monster he is and hangs him for leaving a wife widowed and 3 children without a father.. ENJOY PRISON GRAHAM..

  24. Part 1. Question? Why does Hershel D. Graham live on "Graham Circle?" Is there a "connection" that no one is mentioning? Hope someone on here can tell us what that connection is, and be honest. Seriously, this is one of the most hanis crimes; I think I’ve ever heard of. Here are facts about this cold blooded murder that doesn’t make sense. Why was it stated to the family of David Andrasik that there “were several people under arrest”, the night of this murder yet, and as we all know that was not true, a straight out LIE. Another story around this town is that Andrasik took off his shoes to get ready to “fight”, please explain that line of BS to me. There are three people at minimum against one UNARMED man, and yet, he is going to find time to TAKE OFF HIS SHOES, seriously, that is unreal. This is not a made for TV movie, this is reality, and that is not something anyone would have time enough or the mind-set to do, especially if they felt threatened. That comment would make any intelligent person laugh. Oh, possibly because, we’ve heard that when Andrasik was a young man, he taught Karate or Judo in his home town…that must be it, a man now 42, working and going to school as much as was indicated, and three children, and hasn’t practiced Karate/Judo in, what 20 some years, is just going to take off his shoes. Anyone who has studied human behavior knows that hold no merit at all, stop grasping for straws on that particular lie. WE ALL KNOW it was from Graham’s son hitting him with his truck, yet…Andrasik is dead, and umm, let’s see the Graham’s and the neighbors and others who are “AFRAID” of the Graham’s are THE ONLY WITNESSES, and those that are so aware of this family that they fear for their own safety and they aren’t going to be Graham’s next victim, anyone would lie to protect Question? Why does Hershel D. Graham live on "Graham Circle?" Is there a "connection" that no one is mentioning? Hope someone on here can tell us what that connection is, and be honest. Seriously, this is one of the most hanis crimes; I think I’ve ever heard of. Here are facts about this cold blooded murder that doesn’t make sense. Why was it stated to the family of David Andrasik that there “were several people under arrest”, the night of this murder yet, and as we all know that was not true, a straight out LIE. Another story around this town is that Andrasik took off his shoes to get ready to “fight”, please explain that line of BS to me. There are three people at minimum against one UNARMED man, and yet, he is going to find time to TAKE OFF HIS SHOES, seriously, that is unreal. This is not a made for TV movie, this is reality, and that is not something anyone would have time enough or the mind-set to do, especially if they felt threatened.

  25. Part 2. That comment would make any intelligent person laugh. Oh, possibly because, we’ve heard that when Andrasik was a young man, he taught Karate or Judo in his home town…that must be it, a man now 42, working and going to school as much as was indicated, and three children, and hasn’t practiced Karate/Judo in, their live and that of their families, don’t tell me they wouldn’t. Besides one women in her vehicle protecting herself as “she was afraid that if she got out of her vehicle, Graham would shoot her as well”. So, she as a witness in her vehicle, could she hear any threats that Graham and his son were obviously saying to Andrasik to make Andrasik want to confront someone the WHOLE TOWN knows has mental issues. Does anyone with any amount of common sense, see this? This town needs to wake up, and stop allowing a cold blooded murderer roam these streets. If Graham gets off of this murder charge and the Grand Jury lets him walk free among us, like a wolf who has tasted blood, he will kill again. This is one nasty, horrible person, and so his is son. People know and seen him driving his truck all over town the night Andrasik was shot and killed right in front of him, as if human life didn’t matter to him. Now this is a fact…wonder how many times he washed that truck to remove the EVIDENCE, since the Red Bay Police did not impound it for evidence, that in itself is “crime scene 101”, yet they let him go free. And if as the Graham’s stated, Andrasik was knocking on his truck window, the only way to disprove that is FINGERPRINTS AND DNA!!!!!!!!! Who cares about this lying eye witnesses, we all know when we were children, the game, you say one short sentence, and by the time it got around the room, it was nothing as it started, it changed completely. Every Psychologist can tell you, during a traumatic incident, the mind will block off certain facts, and it seems these so called witnessed want to blame a dead man, that can’t speak for himself.

  26. Part 3. This is America people, have any of you, put yourself in this family’s situation, and really thought about how horribly tragic this whole event is? This was from all accounts a good Christian man, who “asked about a dog, and was shot in the heart, point blank”. Think about that, common sense tells you, that Graham and “his” witnesses are scared and knowing Andrasik can’t talk are claiming “self-defense”…how many times do you hear that on the news? Well, it’s about time to stop allowing cold blooded murderers to get off on that claim. Many of us want to know, what is/was Graham’s mental condition? Have the police or investigators seriously looked into this? If this man has mental issues, he should NEVER HAVE possession of a gun, not even water gun. Let me tell you all something that is going to tell you the mind set of this pathetic cold blooded murderer…do you know, and this is a fact, that the day Mr. Andrasik’s wife was on her way to the funeral home, to take her dead husband’s clothing to be buried in, she had to drive by Graham’s residence, and had to see not only where her beloved husband was killed, but that Hershel Graham himself actually “looked up at her, and with a smirk, waved at her”. HOW SICK IS THAT? And that was only the first time, there were others. And anyone who says he was the innocent party in this, now what do you think? He is just plain evil, and no compassion for any human being. All we can do is continue to have faith in the DA, which everyone knows is a wonderful, compassionate, man, who knows the law. And most of all continue to pray for the Andrasik family, that an indictment is handed down, and they can at least begin the healing process, because I am sure, not until then, can that even begin. Come on people, please see through all the lies and do the right thing, if you happen to be on the Grand Jury, find Hershel Graham guilty, he had other choices than to put a bullet in a young man’s heart. PLEASE!!! One last thing, I too heard that Graham made that statement about “it wouldn’t bother him to shoot someone”, maybe it’s time for the FBI to step in, this man sounds like a terrorists, not just a murderer.

  27. Hershel Graham knew exactly what he was doing!!! Wonder if he has done this before? Just asking, maybe the DA might want to check into his record as a minor. I think there is a lot that is being tight lipped about the Graham’s and it ALL NEEDS TO COME OUT BEFORE THE GRAND JURY MEETS. AND, I DO MEAN ALL OF IT!!!
    There is so much evil in the world now days, and so much of it seems so far from our everyday lives, but people, this happened in your own back yard. Think about it, what if it was your son, your husband, your Daddy, your brother…how would you react? The Andrasik family needs your prayers, and understanding more than anyone I’ve read about in a long time. This is just plain first degree cold blooded premeditated murder. No two ways about it!!! Remember, premeditated doesn’t mean it took days to plan out, premeditation can happened at a snap of a finger…please remember that. Also, remember Hershel D. Graham’s son WENT INTO THE HOUSE, SAFE AND SOUND TO GET HIS “DADDY”, AND HERSHEL CHOSE TO COME OUT OF HIS HOME, EVEN THOUGH ANDRASIK WASN’T TRYING TO BREAK-IN, AND SHOT HIM DEAD CENTER TO THE HEART. LEFT MR. ANDRASIK LYING ON THE GROUND TO BLEED OUT, AND WALKED IN THEIR HOUSE AS IF THEY STEPPED ON AN ANT. NO HUMAN EMOTION AT ALL – NONE.
    One last thing, Please when you get the FBI involved…there is something interesting that needs to be brought to their attention about the minor son. But, until I know they are involved, that won’t be stated yet. But, it’s huge and it will prove without a doubt what kind of family this is and how Andrasik was murdered in cold blood, trust me, it can’t be hidden…it’s there and it’s proof. So, Hershel, you can’t continue to lie, the truth is coming out and it’s against you. You should be scared; you MURDERED AN INNOCIENT YOUNG MAN, AND GOD IS ON THE ANDRASIK’S SIDE. HE WILL PROTECT THEM AND SEE THAT JUSTICE IS DONE. They obviously are not a violent family as yours is…they know God and they know right from wrong!!! Always remember, God has the power over evil, and as of right now, there is no stronger evil in Red Bay, than HERSHEL D. GRAHAM.

  28. I find so much about this whole situation getting a little bizarre, and very quiet. Why? My opinion, I think the Andrasik family should get in touch with a high profile attorney and the FBI here in Alabama, something isn’t right here in Red Bay. This may be a small town, but this is a huge sick murder, and it needs high profile attention, this is a human being we are talking about. This seems like a three ring circus going on. Trust me; I know what I am talking about. First off, the Castle Doctrine or "Make My Day Law", that designates one's place of residence (or, in some states, any place legally occupied, such as one's car or place of work) as a place in which one enjoys protection from illegal trespassing and violent attack. It then goes on to give a person the legal right to use deadly force to defend their place, and any other innocent persons legally inside it, from violent attack or an intrusion which may lead to violent attack. In a legal context, therefore, use of deadly force which actually results in death may be defended as justifiable homicide under the Castle Doctrine. Sorry, Hershel Graham and “friends”, this doesn’t apply to you. Andrasik was unarmed, your minor son, “hit” him with his truck, which was never taken in for DNA testing – huge mistake, but big information for the Andrasik family and their attorneys. Which provoked Andrasik to retreat to a neighbor for help, for which they slammed the door in his face? We all know why –afraid of the Graham family and their reputation, which obviously was one that was true and real. Then Andrasik retreated not once, but twice back to his car for safety. Why didn’t Hershel D. Graham just call the police? Why, because he had every intention to murder Andrasik, please remember the comments he stated before about “it wouldn’t bother him to kill someone”. What exactly did Graham or his son say to provoke Andrasik out of his car twice? Did he make threats to Andrasik’s family, or what evil came out of their mouths…something strong enough to make Andrasik go back, then to only be shot in the heart – point blank. And which all media reports out that night, within hours of this man’s murder, stated “Andrasik went to the residence”….THAT WAS A BLATON LIE, WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? We all know where, and the Andrasik family is going to find out where as well, I’ll make sure of that. Mr. Andrasik DID NOT GO TO THE RESIDENCE, he was driving by on his way home, and a dog ran out in front of him. Which has happened to numerous people, but it’s the Graham’s so no leash law applies to them. I know that if I had to swerve to get out of the way of a dog, or almost wreck to avoid one over and over again, I would want to have a talk with the owners as well. But, when those people think they are above the law, and hit you with a truck, TEAR OFF YOUR SHOE and come out of their home with a gun, with all intentions of killing you…Andrasik had no chance at all. He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. He has no voice in this, all everyone hears is the lies of a cold blooded murderer who is trying to save his own fat a$$. An innocent man just a few minutes from his own home, just wanting to get some rest after having a new born baby that become ill and put back in the hospital. How sad is that? What kind of world do we live in now, when the Hershel Grahams of the world can murder an innocent man, and walk free for over 2 months, while Andrasik is gone forever and can never watch his children grow up. His new born baby girl WILL NEVER KNOW HER FATHER, HEAR HIS VOICE, OR EVER KNOW WHAT HIS LOVING PROTECTIVE ARMS FEEL LIKE!!! All you critics please think about that precious new born baby, how would you feel, and how about his other children??? Dear God in Heaven, please put Hershel D. Graham away for life…he will kill again – they always do!!!! And, what kind of man is his son growing up to be? Another just like his father - watch out Red Bay.

  29. I would like to know if the Andrasik family has looked into why on the night their family member was murdered, ONLY his name was in the paper, given out by the Chief of Police, the night of the murder, the next day, and so forth...never HERSHEL D. GRAHAM'S NAME. Why were they protecting a murderer, whereas the man who was killed had no one to protect him???? He was alone, and had no one there to comfort him as his life slipped horrible sad. Is that normal to release such information to the media on the night it happened before they were positive all his family members had been notified...I personally, think it was much too soon, but again, small town, who knows how they think. Andrasik wasn't from Red Bay, he must have family living in other States, were they all notified before the "media" got a hold of this and released it? Serious issue, if you ask me. Example, Franklin County Times, written by Kellie Singleton, titled her article on November 4th, the day after the murder "Dispute Leaves One Dead"...per the Chief of Police and names the Chief of Police...wasn't that too soon to ASSUME it was a dispute? Seriously, who came to that snap judgement??? I seriously want to know if the Andrasik family has looked into that? I know they have to be grieving beyond human words, but this seems a bit unusual to me...Can someone please respond and tell me why the dead man's name is all over the paper, but the sick pig that murdered him, was protected? Something isn't right about that. SOMEONE PLEASE LOOK INTO THAT. Seems as though, some people just like to see their names in the paper!!! This whole case just doesn't seem right. How is Graham still walking free? He shot an innocient man, unarmed man, a man who was only a few years younger than Graham himself, a man that was alone, Graham had other family members, including an obnoxious teenage son, who from all indications, was the one who provoked the whole incident. You can hide all you want, but the truth will come out...Graham has a rotten history, mental illness - he should NEVER HAVE BEEN GIVEN A PERMIT TO CARRY A GUN...HAS ANYONE CHECKED INTO THAT AS WELL!!! But, don't try for an insanity knew exaclty what you were doing, because of your comments all over town...too many witnessess know exactly how you are. He has a horribly mean streak, and sensless hatred for human does one live from day to day, knowing that you took another human beings life? How do you walk your UNLEASHED DOG OUT YOUR FRONT DOOR, KNOWING THAT YOU SHOT A MAN, AND LEFT HIM LAYING THERE TO BLEED OUT, WHY DIDN'T YOU TRY AND SAVE HIM AFTER WHAT YOU DID, YOU EVIL DEVIL. ALL WHILE YOU AND YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE SON WALKED INTO THE HOUSE, AS IF NOTHING WAS WRONG, HOW SICK CAN ONE PERSON BE!!! Well, if you are Hershel D. Graham and his precious little son, it's a way of life for them. They are above the law, and have been for so long, that going unpunished, he now took a human life. History has a way of repeating itself, doesn't it HERSHEL...YEAH, YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. LET'S HOPE THE DA KNOWS!!!D My prayers go out to the Andrasik family, please know, you have people from all over this country that has heard about his senseless murder, praying for you and praying that justice is service for DAVID M. ANDRASIK!! God Bless you!