Monday, November 28, 2011

Downside to New Shelter Policy?

We recently blogged that Vinnie Grosso of the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter was seeking input into how to improve adoption rates. Today The Connection announced that Grosso has done away with the drop boxes that many use to abandon animals, as well as to remand lost pets.

A friend has pointed out that many will now simply leave these animals at the shelter's door, to be killed by cars or, in some cases, larger animals. Which policy is better? We've heard many say that taking any animal to the shelter is almost a sure death sentence. Neither the drop box nor the absence of one is ideal.

If you haven't neutered your pets, why not? Don't get Junior or Sissy that puppy or kitten for Christmas unless you have the funds to care for it properly.

Shelter Closes Drop Box


Want to help homeless animals this Christmas? Here's three great places to start:

Florence Shelter
(Food or Cash)
702 East College Street (Behind City Cemetery)

Maisie's Fund
c/o Dr. Joe Cobb
(Food or Cash)
930 Hwy. 20 East

PAWS of the Shoals
(Cash or Foster Home)
Web Site


No matter your personal opinion of director Ken Russell, there's no denying his talent:



  1. As one who was involved with the Colbert Humane Society when it ran the shelter and the owner of 3 rescues, the mind set of the area is you have beautiful (in the owners eye) full blooded dog, you want to have puppies from that dog. Then comes the realization that you have all these puppies & no one else thinks they are as cute so they go to the shelter. I know an out of town rescuer who would go around town and did free spay or neutering, only to find out that the owners would go and get another which could have babies. It is good for the kids to see nature in reproduction.
    Or with Christmas coming up, get a dog or kitten for Christmas and after a time realize it was a mistake. You haven't spent time with the animal, so it has no manners and it's hard to adopt out. My 3 had been abused and it takes a lot of patience and time to get them socialized and not to fear humans again. Not many people wants a grown dog or cat that has issues, no fault of the animal, but of the previous owner. The shelter is not on many folks list when they think about adopting. They want a pure breed & want to see the Mom. By the way, back over 300 animals where being put down monthly when the Humane Society ran the shelter. Check out both shelters Facebook page and see the numerous animals at both. The answer to the problem is spay or neuter your pet.

  2. I see the absence of the drop box as a not so good thing. It was in the shade, so the heat from the sun wasn't a factor but there really isn't a good scenario here. With the box in place, people were more likely to bring them to the shelter. Now, they may end up dropped off an a dead end road.