Saturday, November 26, 2011

Only in Alabama...

Can we have three holidays in a row: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Iron Bowl Day. We're pretty sure that the sequence is logical. If the Iron Bowl were to be played first, half the state would not be properly thankful, nor would they feel like spending their hard earned dollars on those who may have supported the opposing team.


Christopher Blake Pyron, 22, of Florence has made not only national news, as reported, but international news, as he became unruly in the Florence Wal-Mart Thanksgiving night. Pyron, who was termed drunk by local police, was tased and arrested for Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest. Great to have the Shoals in the news, isn't it?


It's that time. May the best team win...

Shoalanda Speaks


  1. Roll Tide!! You knew it was coming.

  2. WAR EAGLE!! If our offense had shown up and kept our defense off of the field, different story.

    Making the international news is on the same level as our boys in Montgomery having a slug fest. Mary

  3. And the best team did! ;)

    (Pyron is the last kind of news the deep south needed.)