Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Using Morphine at Sixteen

Shelana Luck turned 37 Tuesday, but we doubt it was the best birthday this Phil Campbell resident has experienced. Luck is currently a bookkeeper at Phil Campbell High School and moonlights as a waitress at Blackwood's Grill. It was Luck's third job that led to her arrest last Friday. Luck and her 16 year-old son Cole Montgomery were part time drug dealers.

ources with the Franklin County Sheriff's Department say Montgomery will be tried as an adult; he is charged with possession of morphine pills and two counts of selling marijuana to undercover agents. This is how Montgomery described himself two years ago:

...a freshman at PCHS located in Phil Campbell, AL. i am 14 years old. my hobbies are basketball, track, etc...but most of all drumming. i was never taught by anyone, i learned from my pots and pans in the kitchen floor. ive been playing drums for about 3 years.

We need to ask ourselves how a mother can involve her 16 year-old son with morphine or how (in other current news) a teacher can have sex with a 15 year-old pupil. Whatever the answers are, they won't be pleasant to face.