Monday, November 21, 2011

Would You Do Business With An Atheist?

No matter how you answered the question, the fact is you probably do business with atheists on a regular basis. They are much like everyone else in the area; they love their families, run fair businesses, and pretty much blend in with the community.

Why are we asking this question today? First, we took some flack because of our blog on Jeremy Lane Green, the Shoals Humanist who sought to abolish public prayer at Brooks High School functions. We felt our article on Mr. Green was fair. He had every legal ground to stand on. Our main concerns with Green were questions concerning why he chose Brooks High School specifically, rather than addressing the entire county, and his embellishment of his employment on his Facebook page. These were fair questions to ask of someone who had thrust himself into the public arena. There was absolutely no ad hominem attack in what was written, since we felt...and yes knew...he was legally correct in his protest. That does not change whether you or I or anyone else does not like the current interpretation of the law.

The second reason we're addressing this issue today is recent, and not so recent, gossip concerning atheists who do business in the Shoals. Not long ago a small local forum accused a local businessman of being a Satanist because he did not believe in God. We feel pretty sure that if this gentleman did not believe in God, he did not believe in Satan either. Such attacks say more about the instigator than the one being libeled.

Now, we hear a second local businessman is being dragged through the mud by someone who professes to be a Christian--albeit a Christian who is in the same line of business as the atheist. Isn't that some coincidence, folks? I suppose as Christians we should buy products or services only from other Christians no matter how inferior they may be?

We have no problem with anyone selecting friends, mates, business suppliers, or dog walkers on the basis of their religious preference or non-preference. It's when certain people use a person's religious beliefs to smear their work or ethics that we have a problem

We don't believe Jesus commanded us to shun anyone based on his or her lack of belief. In fact, we're pretty sure you won't convert anyone by behaving in this manner. Think about it...