Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bad Boys: Wifebeaters Edition

Jon Thomas Wallis: Our recent report on Wallis' 15 year sentence involved his drug trafficking charges only. Sources say Wallis still faces attempted murder charges in the shooting of his wife Tanya Marie Wallis. We hope that friends and family of Tanya will request the Lauderdale District Attorney's office prosecutes Wallace to the fullest extent.

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John Milton Littrell: Since we last reported on Littrell, sources have confirmed this ne'er-do-well has at least 17 previous assault charges. Most assaults are classified as misdemeanors; therefore, we have no idea if Littrell has any previous felony convictions or how many. It's possible that Littrell could be tried as a habitual offender, and at least logical that given his previous record the Class B Felony charges facing this local bad boy could be upgraded, making Littrell ineligible for Correctional Incentive Time.

From a family member, "
I have been following the comments on TimesDaily and want you to know that we find his actions unforgivable. Disappointing does not come close to describing what his daughters expressed in that forum. I have for years known that John was the worst possible person they could be exposed to but he has steadily brainwashed them into seeing the world from his perspective. Honestly, our family doesn't want to be involved at all and only offer up prayers for John that he can change his life. I hurt most for his mother who has had to endure this embarrassment for almost 30 years."

A highly informed take on Littrell's family situation from our faithful reader DS:

Perhaps I can offer some insight on why Littrell's daughters feel the woman he is currently in jail for beating 'deserved' what she received. If Littrell's daughters have grown up witnessing, or perhaps being victims themselves, of Littrell's rage and abuse towards women, they actually perceive such abuse as 'normal'. Over the course of their lives they have most likely been subjected to such events often enough, and the accompanying rationalization of such by Littrell, and themselves, that they actually believe such beatings to be justified.

During what was bound to have been a miserable childhood, Littrell's daughters no doubt were convinced that whenever a woman failed to obey her man, the appropriate response was a beating. In their young formative years, their psyches soon accepted this horrible lie as truth.

Studies have shown that if people, especially children, habitually traumatized women, etc. are told a lie often enough, soon they will believe such lies to actually be the truth. BELIEF in such lies is often THE primary reason victims of domestic violence refuse to leave their tormentor: they have been convinced that 'no one will believe you, no one will have you, you're worthless, etc, etc, etc'.

In a recent study, 30,000 incidences of domestic violence were reported in West Tennessee alone for 2009. Studies indicate that ONLY 1 in 10 cases of domestic violence are actually reported. THAT should make one think.

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