Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jason Green Indicted for Felony Murder

Last Thanksgiving Jason Dewayne Green resided in an upscale home he shared with his 27 year-old girlfriend Shay Nicole Ledlow. This Thanksgiving Green will be sharing his holiday meal with numerous other inmates in the Franklin County Jail where he is currently being held on a revoked bond.

The 36 year-old Green has certainly run afoul of the law this past year, starting last December when he was arrested for domestic violence against his live-in girl friend. By the end of January of this year, Green had been arrested for shooting Ledlow dead in the family room of the home they shared. Green used the ever popular "She was trying to kill herself" defense, but forensics indicated foul play. After his arrest, Green was released on a bond of 400 K, but his freedom was short lived.

In September, Green was spotted by law enforcement while driving a vehicle listed as stolen from another county. Upon interviewing Green, the officers determined him to be under the influence and arrested him on both charges. He was returned to the county jail and his bail revoked.

Upon further investigation into the salvage yard Green ran with his father, other stolen vehicles were identified and recovered. At that time officers stated as many as 100 misdemeanor and felony charges could be levied against Green and his father Travis Green, 61, also of Russellville. The Greens had operated Franklin County Recycling and Salvage near the Tharptown community since 2007.

Travis D. Green Jr.

Travis Green remains free on bond, but a law enforcement officer with the county has stated that could possibly change if new evidence is found. The Green's salvage yard is located on County Road 77 near two lakes. Authorities have theorized at least some of the stolen vehicles may have been stripped and abandoned in one or both the lakes. Travis Green has not yet been indicted and could possibly seek a plea in exchange for testimony at this son's trial.

Shay Ledlow made some bad choices in life. Let's hope the Franklin County jury who hears her case will remember not her mistakes, but the caring and vivacious woman her family has described. Her murder demands justice.