Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bad Boys: Cockfighters Edition

Why would you go to a cockfight? While I'm sure you, gentle readers, are saying you wouldn't, some people do. So...why do they go? After careful consideration we have arrived at the following conclusions:

1. To gamble on who wins.

2. To see two roosters with razors attached to their claws tear each other to shreds because they like the sight of blood, and violence gives them a thrill.

3. To sell concessions; you know, whatever the individuals who fall into the above two groups like--and it's probably not petit fours and fruit punch.

In other words, it's pretty safe to say that everyone attending these illegal events should be arrested, arraigned, tried, and...yes...found guilty. So, why are some caught in these circumstances at the community of Speaks not being made to face the consequences of their actions? Stating lack of evidence, Lawrence County Judge Angela Terry dismissed charges against the following:

* Loyd Leidon Brooks, 7451 Cullman County 1245, Cullman
* Jimmie Dumont Laney, 11466 U.S. 278, Cullman
* Richie Ray Kirby, 10346, Lawrence County 460, Moulton
* Matthew Thomas McDonald, 214 Hopewell Church Loop, Leighton
* Terry Elton McDonald, 160 Piney Woods Road, Russellville

How did those arrested at the August 7th raid defend themselves? From yesterday's TimesDaily:

Rusty Garnett, of Vinemont, said he and others received worse treatment from law enforcement than the alleged acts of cruelty against the animals. “We were laying in ant beds, and they said if we moved they’d Tase us.”

Well, Mr. Garnett, how dare they arrest you while laying? Didn't they know your family needed the eggs?

“People don’t realize this has been going on for hundreds of years,” said Tim McCroy, who wasn’t charged but was at the courthouse Wednesday in support of family. “It was handed down from the presidents.”

Presidents? Okay, that makes all the difference. One word of advice, ladies, if you see any of these men coming with a box of cigars, run...

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