Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jen's 10th Annual Thanksgiving Feast

Once again, Jen's Cafe on South Pine Street in downtown Florence is offering a free Thanksgiving meal. You may contribute to Jen's efforts by reaching her here:

Jen's Cafe


Various local races are heating up; we now have two declared candidates for mayor in Florence. License Commissioner Mickey Haddock has his Facebook page up, and Florence Police Chief Rick Singleton states his will be up shortly.

We posted a question on our Facebook page: Which mayoral candidate once used the words to John Lennon's anthem Imagine in a speech? Vote if you're so inclined, and we'll have the answer soon.


To the left of our blog, we have a list of the ten most popular columns during the week. It's telling to note that for much of last week three of the ten featured teachers accused of sexual impropriety with their students: Kimberly Bynum, Keith McGuire, and Amanda Watkins. How sad those charged with the care of our young don't have the self-control to fulfill this charge.