Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mural Safe/Santa Claus Still Missing...

Ninon Holder has sent word that the Tuscumbia Post Office mural is safe and in storage. Since there is some debate as to who actually owns this long neglected masterpiece, a group of Tuscumbia citizens are looking into the possibility of Federal funds to restore and properly display this Depression era artwork.


Alas, Sheffield's Santa Claus is still missing, ala Gen. Franco who is still dead. Mayor Ian Sanford has mentioned finding an extant one in Louisiana, but the cost was prohibitive to purchase and ship here. Perhaps a benefactor would step up?


More comments on former Coffee CEO Joe Roach:

His policy/willingness to go after people's homes and property were disgusting. Lying and false intentions about looking in Lauderdale Co. for another hospital site, shameful. Motive, greed. Good riddance.

I'm beginning to hear the Banjo from the Movie Deliverance. I'm afraid Lauderdale County and Florence are fixing to get Raped.

Let's hope Roach's replacement is both more ethical and tactful.


A faithful reader has asked if we have identified the owner of the old Dairy King property at 301 Montgomery Avenue in Sheffield. In fact, we've had several to ask...and we know where they were going with this. As far as we can ascertain, the property was purchased by Troy Glidden in 1988. Whether he still owns the dilapidated former dairy bar is another question since the address does not seem to be listed on Delta property records. If anyone knows who's responsible for this molding pile of lumber, please send us the info. Thanks.


Breaking News: Kimberly Bynum indicted. Trial set for January 4th.