Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Memo to Troy Oliver: "Hispanic" Is Not A Race

Once again, Russellville's mayor Troy Oliver has shown himself something less than a scholar. Defending the town's refusal to issue Yemen native Salah Salah a liquor license, Oliver stated:
We’ve issued alcohol licenses to a Vietnamese and to two or three Hispanics.

While Oliver and Russellville elected officials may have issued liquor licenses to two or three Hispanics, it obviously had nothing to do with race. Here's some photos of well known Mexican Hispanics...

Jorge Ramos - TV Executive - 100% Spanish (Hidalgo)

Carlos Pietro - Native of Mexico City - Former Director of Huntsville Symphony

Guillermo Del Toro - Native of Guadalajaro - Producer of Pan's Labyrynth

Edelmiro Cavazos - Former Mayor of Santiago

Perhaps the word Mayor Oliver was looking for was "Indian?" Yes, these are the ones who come to Russellville--the poorest of the poor--and many not even Hispanic since they speak only their native Indian language. Of course Salah and his attorney Billy Underwood may still be able to argue the race card in this specific case since the mini-mart owner is Middle Eastern--something we understand even the local Hispanic Indians look down on.