Friday, February 4, 2011

Shay Ledlow/DOC Pays 100K for Legal Services?

This photograph of Shay Nicole Ledlow was taken January 18th. Ten days later the man in the photo, Jason Dewayne Green, allegedly shot Shay in the forehead with a .44 calibre handgun. Now Green, a scrap metal dealer, is free on bond in the cosmetologist's death.

Green contends Ledlow killed herself; not many suicides shoot themselves in the forehead, and Green had been arrested this past December on charges of domestic violence against his live-in girlfriend. Shay's Facebook page listed her favorite quote as: Life is short. Live it to the fullest.

Because of Jason Green, Shay Ledlow's life was all too short. Investigators have said alcohol was involved. Is anyone surprised?


Questions prompted by new state ethics laws concerning the Montgomery law firm of Capell and Howard have brought to light a contract with the Alabama Department of Corrections. It seems that beleaguered department pays a 100K yearly retainer for...well, we're not sure for what.

Does the firm represent the state in inmate filed suits? Does the firm advise on the legality of new DOC policies? 100K is a lot of moolah to most of us. We daresay if the state should be sued over a wrongful death or other major issue, there would be additional fees. Too bad none of this money is going to new prisons or at least renovations of older ones.


Overheard cellphone conversation in the check-out line: Go ahead and sign my name to it. A little forgery isn't a bad thing. It's only when it's a lot that you can really get in trouble.