Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Groceries?/Barton Metro!/Coming Soon...

Reasons Not to Buy Groceries Before Snow

1. You have no teenagers who consume $100.00 of food every 12 hours.

2. You have a fridge the size of Wisconsin.

3. You have to justify the extra 2K expense for 4-Wheel drive on your vehicle.

4. You need to lose weight and when was Dan ever right anyway?

5. You need a great story of deprivation to tell your grandchildren.


Several readers commented on Cherokee's role in any future fire at National Alabama. It seems the community of Barton has a volunteer fire department that would be in command of such a situation, with Cherokee as first backup. Locust Shores and other departments could be called in as needed.

We discussed chemical fires with one reader who tells us that even a small department would have some resources to fight such an event; however, we doubt it would be enough to control a flash fire in a mile-long facility.

Another reader broached the possibility that the hoses were not intentionally discarded, but stolen over the holiday break. We doubt that scenario due to the extensive security at the rail car plant; however, if true, after six weeks the hoses should have already been replaced.

For those in Cherokee who took great umbrage to our article...the intent was not to degrade the Colbert County town due to its financial problems, but to showcase the distinct possibility of great financial loss at National Alabama in case of a major fire.


For those who do want another humorous look at Cherokee, be sure to check in tomorrow for J.J. Ray's latest take on the town and its financial crisis.


Is someone expecting an AARP card this week? Happy birthday, Jim!