Thursday, February 3, 2011

They Love Their Jobs?/Chuckles Duckles

We're not sure of the job descriptions of all seven Cherokee employees who lost their insurance benefits this week. One street/sewer worker has stated he was working for the insurance. We were already pretty sure he wasn't working for the joy and prestige the position would obviously bring.

Our fellow blogger C.R. has stated the small Colbert County town will lose most employees and be forced to hire those who are less desirable. We're not so sure the town of Cherokee will be able to hire anyone who wishes to work beyond a few days for a few dollars to spend on...what's the latest? Bath Salts?

If Iron City can give up its charter, why can't Cherokee? It will always have its community identity and would no longer be the focus of so much ridicule...we would hope.


We've been aware for some time that Cherokee Mayor Chuck Lansdell has an alter ego he uses on Facebook and other Internet sites (ones that presumably don't boast of his Viagra use). We've previously seen no need to fuel the humor associated with the eastern Colbert town, but somehow it now seems appropriate. Yes, Chuck is known as Chuckles Duckles, and, no, we have no idea why. We just hope Bobby, Ian, and others won't follow suit.


From a reader:

I'm not a member of the Committee to Save Sweetwater Mansion at this time, but I am fixing to join. I've said very little about the goings on at the old Weeden Home, but was contacted this week by Cynthia Colburn Johnson who is Director of the Sweetwater site, whatever that means. Ms. Johnson was very cordial, but referred to libel about the current restoration efforts there. I have asked her what has been said or written by any group that is libel and she has not answered me.

She stated that she and those who work for her are making sure the money is well spent to restore the house and they are working to do everything within the law. I would like to ask her, since she singled me out, why the current property taxes are three months late if they are trying to abide by the law. They should put paying taxes before doing cosmetic work on the dilapidated mansion.

Its my belief the house and property will be sold for taxes, foreclosed on, or sold by the current owner within the next couple of years. I won't take up your space to list all the reasons the house would not make it as a bed and breakfast hotel but I hope the committee's website will.


Look for some important news coming soon from Larry Fisher's Remembering Florence Facebook page.