Saturday, February 19, 2011

All Is Not Well in Sheffield?

From C.R.:

Citizens Unhappy

The Sheffield Police Department is in turmoil. It appears citizens that live in Sheffield do have a say in their government. Several citizens have been filing complaints with their Sheffield City Council Members and Mayor. The complaints stem from a lack of control with the police department. The citizens call over and over again complaining to the Police Chief about problems in their neighborhoods and no action is taken. When the citizens call their respective council member and in turn the council member calls the police chief, nothing is done.


There are three main complaints coming from the citizens. The police department seems to care more about writing a traffic ticket for speeding a few miles an hour over the limit than doing something about drugs. The second complaint deals with the way some police officers are treating the citizens. One citizen was quoted as saying the department is speaking to and treating people like dogs. The third complaint is the lack of visible patrol in the city’s neighborhoods.

The citizens are not the only people complaining; several police officers are complaining of mistreatment and other officers complain nothing is being done about drugs. It is also alleged that Police Chief Ray broke federal law. When one military reservist turned in notice of a deployment, Ray informed him he could not hold his job and made the officer resign. Ray tried to make a second military reservist resign after turning orders in for deployment but the officer refused. Both incidents are a violation of federal law and could cost the city some major money. One employer had to pay a military reservist over one million dollars for improper termination. I hope the both officer reads this and file a law suit against the city.

The council has not been happy with Ray over the last few months but the final straw could have been the death of an inmate in the city jail.


The Sheffield City Council had a meeting with Police Chief Greg Ray. During the meeting Ray was told he had until 8:00 am Monday morning to resign or be fired at Monday night’s city council meeting.

Police Chief Greg Ray had a meeting with some of his officers Friday evening. He informed the officers that they might hear rumors about being asked to resign. Ray admitted the rumors were true.

A couple of the supervisors have started to put pressure on their officers to attend the council meeting Monday night and show support for the chief. If several officers show up for the council meeting Monday night the council should take that under advisement. The officers are being made to show up.


Interestingly, we have heard some stories similar in nature to C.R.'s report. Many in Sheffield who have contacted us have expressed hope that Curtis Burns will be made chief should Ray resign of be terminated.


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