Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Life Span of Hospitals & Oak Trees

We'll start with Oak trees first, and apologies to Phillip Oliver. Several have asked what kind of Oak does not live in North Alabama. Apparently the oak trees at Toomer's Corner are "Live Oaks," so called because their leaves are evergreen. The beautiful White Oak is the one seen most often in this area. Best wishes to Auburn in its efforts to preserve these trees.


Has Helen Keller Hospital reached the end of its lifespan? Two local physicians recently wrote a letter to the TimesDaily in which they have no encouragement for those who wish to keep the facility open. Per Drs. William Heaton and Hisham Ba'albaki:

Keller’s board was well intentioned, but at some point its members have an obligation to reassess the situation in the best interest of the citizens they serve. With Keller’s assets declining, the legally mandated fiduciary responsibility of Keller’s board becomes a question.

The Colbert County Commission has had its collective head in the sand for far too long. It's time for them to take control of the hospital and do what's best for the citizens of Colbert County. RegionalCare's new mega-hospital is to be constructed on the south side of the river and will be capable of serving all the Shoals for generations. What more does the Commission want?


Per today's TimesDaily:

Only one in 2,500 teachers lose their teaching credentials. That compares to one in 57 physicians and one in 97 lawyers.

Can we say "Pass the trash?"