Friday, February 18, 2011

Who Embezzles & Why?

Crystal Sutton Huddleston was terminated as 911 office manager in November of last year when 40K was reported missing. She has has yet to be indicted on any charges. Since that time, several of her friends have e-mailed us concerning the charges against her. Is she an unlikely candidate for the such a crime? Statistics show those who embezzle are female, long-term employees, and those with no previous criminal record.

Friends have responded that Huddleston was not to blame for the missing funds, but placed the responsibility on others in the office; however, C.R. recently reported that funds were also missing from the Cherokee Rescue Squad where Huddleston acted as treasurer. Huddleston's husband and a local businessman have reportedly repaid the rescue squad.

Huddleston is a 1994 graduate of Cherokee High School and received an Associates Degree from Shoals Community College in 1997. Married and the mother of two sons, Huddleston has previously stated she helped her parents financially when they experienced reverses due to "government interference."

From Huddleston's blog entry three years ago:
I am tired of my family always making me out to be the "bad person". No matter what me or XXXXX have to say it is always taken out of context and turned into a big HUGE ordeal. I have decided that my main goal is to make sure that XXXXX, XXXXXX, and XXXXX are taken care of and happy, and the rest can fend for themselves. Don't get me wrong I love my family with all my heart, but they take a toll on me emotionally, and I just can not deal with it anymore.

There's certainly nothing wrong with wishing to provide for one's family, but we're sure the Colbert County taxpayers would prefer it's not with their money.


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