Monday, February 21, 2011

What Kind of Person...?

Beats a mentally deficient person who never hurt anyone? Apparently someone out there in the Shoals who was "just having fun."

From C.R.:


If you have spent any time around the shoals, then you have met Peanut. Normally Peanut can be found around a local restaurant or walking the city streets. Peanut has never met a stranger. He will say hi and sometimes ask for a ride home. Peanut can only be described as a kind hearted man that trusts everyone.

This trust has been violated by someone. Peanut was in the Muscle Shoals area Saturday night and asked for a ride home. A stranger agreed to take Peanut home and assaulted Peanut. At some point the stranger pulled out a gun and struck Peanut in the head several times. The stranger threw Peanut into a ditch in the Spring Valley area.

Peanut had to have several stitches and is in extreme pain. If anyone has any information, please call the Colbert County Sheriff’s Department.

From Morris Lentz: Update on Peanut

In all probability the person or persons responsible will be caught. It's then that the public will need to demand adequate prosecution for the crime. We will have more details as they become available.


Covers up the crime of theft for a friend? Apparently there are many in this area who see it as doing a service. We've recently been contacted by those who helped someone avoid prosecution by repaying stolen funds. Unfortunately, this sends the wrong message and can be illegal in itself when it hides the theft of public funds. Their rationale? The culprit is really a much nicer person than other thieves in the area. We will have more later on this also, but look to The Connection to have an in depth report on these thefts and other related criminal activity.


Hates a pair of successful authors so much they threaten to have their utilities cut off? We'll leave it to our readers to figure out that one.


A quote from Melanie Phillips--well worth reading:

What was prized instead was a person’s worthiness or achievement — in other words, issues of character. In our egalitarian age, however, such values are associated with snobbery and elitism. The lowest common denominator has become instead the only acceptable game in town.