Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuscumbia's Joseph Vinson: Spineless Felon

Joseph Vinson, 28, of Tuscumbia has been arrested in the brutal attack on Stephen (Peanut) Michael. As of six o'clock last night Vinson, reputedly the son of Danny and Darlene Keenum Vinson of Spring Valley, was still being held in Colbert County Jail. There were reports later in the evening that Vinson had been attacked by ten inmates, badly beaten, and transferred to Helen Keller Hospital.

The animosity being shown toward Vinson on Facebook and similar sites is revealing. If the reports of his injuries at the hands of other inmates should be true, it would be the citizens of Colbert County who would suffer the financial responsibility--unfortunately.

Vinson's Facebook page gives little insight into his personality. He laments losing contact with a six year old daughter and states he's looking for a soul mate. Obviously, we may infer alcohol was involved in Joseph Vinson's conduct last Saturday night, but it cannot ameliorate his guilt--either with the courts or those he will meet the rest of his life in the Shoals.

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Due to the severe weather in January, many are facing the loss of utilities for non-payment. One would think local utility departments are in need of all the good press they can muster; however, some employees don't seem to be doing their part.

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