Saturday, February 5, 2011

RSA: Investing Good...& Bad

A reader recently called the February Advisor to our attention. For those not a member of the Retirement System of Alabama, the Advisor is a newsletter from the Montgomery based organization. The February installment boasts an article written by head honcho David Bronner himself entitled Investing in Our State.

While the RSA holds stock in many Alabama companies, in fact owning some outright, there are two local companies that are noticeably absent from Dr. Bronner's article. If you guessed Wise Alloys and National Alabama (Barton Rain Car Plant), you are indeed able to add two and two.

No, we don't expect every RSA investment to prosper. Neither are we overlooking the success of the Robert Trent Jones golf courses in this area. Wise has always been a dicey proposition, and losses there are not unanticipated. It's our beloved rail car plant, the would-be jewel in our local crown, that seems to hurt the most. Our Federal government tells us the economy is now on an upswing...any rail car orders yet?


In our February 3rd column, a reader commented that Sweetwater Mansion had not paid property taxes for 2010 and was several months late. This reader has again contacted us with an update. Susan Leigh Smithson did indeed pay her taxes on February 1st and payment was posted to the county website on Februray 2nd. There was a late charge of almost $33.00.

We would also like to note for our reader and others who may not be aware, while property taxes are due and payable on Octobter 1st each year, they are not delinquent until after December 31st; therefore, the Sweetwater taxes were only 32 days delinquent.


A video recently sent to us by our friend Mark Davis (For those of us of faith, it's truly inspiring):