Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Florence Herald Reprints/Cherokee Eve of Destruction II

1884...the year the Florence Herald debuted. Some old issues are on microfilm at the Florence Library, but for those genealogists and historians who like to work in pj's, the Florence Herald is about to make it easier for you. Back issues starting in 1958 are now online. Scanning the entire Herald archives will be time consuming, so check back frequently for new issues or add your name to their e-mail list.


We received an interesting response concerning our Saturday blog:

"Why in the name of J. Edgar Hoover would Waco belong in a list of calamities/tragedies that affected innocent citizens?"

Because 74 Innocent people, i
ncluding more than 20 children, two pregnant women, and Koresh himself were massacred by their own government.

Sorry, sir, our government didn't massacre anyone, at least at Waco. Waco is a prime example of social Darwinism. We're pretty sure a logical argument won't change your conspiracy-filled mind, but here goes...

Were those at Waco in their own homes being battled by the elements (Katrina)?
Were those at Waco in school attempting to earn an education (Columbine/Virginia Tech)?
Were those at Waco serving our country (Columbia)?
Were those at Waco carrying on day to day business (Oklahoma City)?
Were those at Waco buying groceries or talking with their elected officials (Tucson)?

No, those at Waco were defying the orders of Federal Marshals...and you have sympathy for them. Please tell that to a young woman we know who lost her grandfather in the Oklahoma City bombing. We're quite sure she would have a much less cordial response than ours.


And now more from C.R.:

Not So Non-Profit

Did you know that the Cherokee Rescue Squad charges the patients' private insurance? When a patient calls for an ambulance the Cherokee Rescue Squad charges the patient for the call, normally four to five hundred dollars. If the person does not have insurance nothing is charged.

Not to be out done, the Cherokee Fire Department charges five hundred dollars for a house fire. If you get into a wreck and become entrapped in your car, that will cost over one thousand dollars to free you. If the person does not have insurance nothing is charged.

Service Area

The Cherokee Fire Department service area is from Allsboro to Barton. The Cherokee Rescue Squad's service area is even bigger. The fire department has gone to Oakland to help on an entrapment and the rescue squad has done patient transfers to Memphis and Birmingham. When both departments return to town they fill up at the city gas pump. The Cherokee citizens should not have to pay for this.


These rumors have been circulating around Cherokee for awhile now. After the last council meeting I started to ask a few questions about the rescue squad. Within the last two weeks the Rescue Squad seems to be trying to silence this story. A local citizen claims they saw the rescue squad ambulances filling up at a local gas station. A source inside the rescue squad claims this is an attempt to stop these issues from coming up at the council meeting.

Illegal Fuel

A source inside the city hall claims the city does not have any on road vehicles that require diesel fuel. The only city equipment that requires diesel fuel is the city's backhoe.

Another source told me the fuel used by the fire department and rescue squad is off road diesel. It is illegal to drive any vehicle on the roadway that has off road diesel in the gas tanks. The person driving the vehicle and the person that supplied the fuel could be charged.

What Action Should be Taken?

No employee’s benefits or pay should be cut until all discretionary funds are cut. This would include diesel fuel for the two volunteer departments, the fire truck payment, funds for the library, and senior center. The city should cut off all funds until an audit is done on both volunteer departments. That should save the city around two thousand dollars a month. If that is not enough then cut the four hundred and thirty dollars payments. This would save the city around another two thousand a month for a total of four thousand dollars a month. That would be forty eight thousand a year saved. If that is not enough then make one of the city/sewer workers part time. That would save another two thousand a month. The city only had one full time city/sewer worker until the Willis administration.


The Cherokee Rescue Squad and Fire Department receive grants, Property tax add-ons, and insurance payments. No city worker's pay or benefits should be cut until all discretionary funds are eliminated. There is a rumor that the city council will use a state law and make a move to replace the fire chief and fire marshal. If they are not willing to help the city get out of financial trouble then it might be the time to use that law and replace them.

The Colbert County Sheriff’s Department needs to investigate the allegations about stolen money at the Cherokee Rescue Squad. It could help build their 911 case.

Do not give either volunteer department money until an independent audit is done. If the Cherokee Rescue Squad and Fire Department want free fuel from the city then the city council should appoint all of their officers and board members.

If the rescue squad has really started to buy their fuel, the city council should still officially vote to cut it off.

Another possible solution could be to temporarily make the cuts till June. At that time reevaluate the need for the cuts.