Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yes, Peanut's Attacker Was Beaten

Joseph Wade Vinson, the man who has admitted to assaulting mentally handicapped Stephen (Peanut) Michael, was himself brutally attacked in the Colbert County jail. According to an informed source, jailers placed Vinson in a type of bullpen with as many as ten other inmates Tuesday night. After discovering the injured Vinson, deputies transported him to the Helen Keller Hospital E.R. where he was treated around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday morning and released. Vinson was then placed in protective isolation. WAFF has reported that Vinson was later taken to Franklin County Jail.

The source further states that if Sheriff Ronnie May had followed the correct protocol, Vinson would have been placed in isolation upon his arrival. Now, Colbert County citizens will be footing the bill for Vinson's medical treatment, as well as a possible lawsuit. Did we say possible? Let's make that probable.


Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett is in the news again. It seems the city has had a vacancy for the office of captain for some time. After new Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver left the force in early January, the department was lacking two captains. Five Russellville officers were finalists for the two openings.

The Russellville City Council narrowed their choices down to three: Lts. Cary Hitt, Mike Prince, and Johnnie MacKay. Only MacKay possesses a master's degree in Criminal Justice. Also, Hitt, whom Councilman Lanny Hubbard opposed, owns a local photography business--which might or might not pose time restraints on Hitt's schedule. It's unknown if other applicants for the two postions also divide their career time.

When asked to pick two from the three on the short list, Chris Hargett picked Hitt and Prince, stating, "We need someone who is unified toward a common goal." Perhaps Hargett could explain that mish-mash of a statement. What goal? Why is MacKay not "unified," whatever that might mean? We understand that not all who possess post graduate degrees are leaders, but Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett just left that cash-strapped city in a tenuous legal position.

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Former Muscle Shoals Municipal Court Magistrate Linda Stanley was arrested Wednesday on charges of embezzling over 86K in city funds. District Attorney Bryce Graham has recused himself; he is expected also to recuse in the missing 911 funds case.

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