Friday, February 25, 2011

New Hospital Still Planned for Lauderdale

A department head with ECM Hospital has contacted us concerning the confusion over the location of the new RegionalCare hospital. Despite the suggestion of Drs. William Heaton and Hisham Ba'albaki that the new facility could possibly be built on TVA land south of the river, the plans remain in place for the hospital to be constructed in Lauderdale County.

While we feel a merger of RegionalCare and Helen Keller Hospital is in the interest of all Shoals citizens, it should be pointed out that ECM cardiologists stand to gain if the merger comes to fruition. Currently, Keller is sending patients requiring stents and similar procedures to Huntsville--these same procedures are done, and done well, at ECM.

Again let us stress, if citizens of Colbert County feel the partnership with Huntsville Hospital is the wrong path for their health care, they need to contact their county commissioners...and contact them now. For too long both the citizens and commissioners of Colbert County have let the Keller Board blindly lead them. They deserve better.


If any readers have family that are currently or have in the past been incarcerated in the Lauderdale County Work Release program, please contact us concerning problems they may have encountered.


Speaking of inmates, we today read that Alabama is third in the nation. In what, you may ask. Unfortunately not in any desirable area. It seems that Alabama falls behind only Florida and Delaware in the percentage of populace who have permanently lost their right to vote.

While Attorney General, Troy King added numerous crimes to the standard list of offenses of moral turpitude. We hope once he becomes acclimated to his new office, Luther Strange will remedy many of the excesses of TK the AG.


We've heard from our blogging sister Mary Carton. Despite her new role as blogger for Grit magazine, she assures us she will continue with Rosedale Gardens. The Shoals area is truly blessed with numerous great bloggers. Thanks, Mary, for your wonderful tales of flowerbeds and hooligans.