Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mayor Troy Oliver Goes to the Dogs

Mayor Troy Oliver doesn't think Russellivlle needs a leash law. Why? He implied only Brenda Hopson had asked for an ordinance to control roaming dogs--no one else supported it. Yet Councilman William Nale says dogs running loose in his district is the largest complaint among his constituency. He plans to introduce a leash law in the immediate future.

Dogs running loose in any town is always
a major complaint. Good luck to Mr. Nale in his effort to bring humane animal enforcement to Russellville. Good luck also to Mayor Oliver in any attempt at a realistic appraisal of Russellville. You may remember Mayor Oliver's recent foray into revising Franklin County history: Link


All is not lost in Russellville. After losing its Hardee's, Sonic, and Dairy Queen in the past few years, Bojangles' Famous Chicken is set to open on Hwy 43 on March 1st. Similarly, after lying dormant for two years, the Sonic is set to open in a few weeks. No word on the Chik-Fil-A some pols have been promising...


The past week has seen much talk concerning local photographs and their impact on the next generation. It seems that Patricia Landrum Counts' book of early photos has sold out. You may still buy note cards: Link