Monday, October 31, 2011

Tricks & Treats 2011

First some tricks. We've certainly had them the past few days concerning Sweetwater. In today's TimesDaily, our infamous local ghost hunter Robert Simone was quoted as saying he has encountered a ghost named Silverman who purchased the property in 1914:

The Simones said they have recorded voices in the house, including one that answered “Silverman” when asked for a name. They later checked the house’s land deeds and discovered someone whose last name is Silverman was deeded the property about 1914.

“So the people who loved this place, they’re still here,” Robert Simone said.

Since it's common knowledge that the Patton/Weeden families owned the property until Mrs. Jessie Weeden's passing c. 1973, we're curious as to how a person named Silverman purchased the property in 1914. Considering Simone is a former stage magician, perhaps he sees his current job/hobby as another form or entertaining the public where he may say whatever pops into his mind?


Another trick comes from "Sweetwater Mansion" itself:

So, Sweetwater doesn't want street corner preachers on their property, but will send them to disrupt a local ghost tour?


Now, for some treats. If you or your child hasn't read our Halloween ghost story, we invite you to do so. This is the third year that we have presented it, and at least one reader tells us it has become a tradition in their family.


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