Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TimesDaily High Jinks (Feral Pig? You Don't Say)

We're using the words "high jinks" loosely, but they seem as good as any to describe current goings on at our local rag. If you missed Scott Morris' Sunday column, he (via an alter ego) says we're all going to hell. Of course that's possible, but if you're wondering why Mr. Morris would bring our eternal fate up at all, it seems he may just be opposed to Alabama's new immigration law.

Morris points out the sales taxes paid by illegal immigrants, as well as the income and social security tax that many pay in via a fraudulent number--meaning they reap no actual benefit from it, but our government does. What Morris doesn't point out is the fact these taxes are dwarfed by the amount our government is forced to expend on said immigrants through health and other services. Also, please notice the use of the words "illegal" and "fraudulent" in the above sentences.

The editor from Decatur also fails to point out that these illegal immigrants do nothing to improve Alabama's image, an image still tarnished by a governor's family posing barefooted for a national magazine. We can't have it both ways, Mr. Morris. Either we move ahead or we fall behind, leaving the dregs of our great new society here in Alabama while the creme de la creme moves to greener pastures in other states.


We recently mentioned the loss of a decade of TimesDaily archives brought about by their change in Internet servers. If you click on a Google link now, you're apt to see the following screen:

It seems pretty straight forward except for...the Feral Pig Story. We're not sure if some disgruntled TD employee thought this was a great joke to play on the newspaper and its readers or if the TD staff simply don't know how to use the new software. Hey, any underachiever can import the wrong line of text; it takes a colossal screw-up to leave it there.


Moving on to RegionalCare, their Sunday ad advises us that the Shoals working together can "reclaim our rightful place as a regional medical center." Yes, we can, or we could, if we ever had been...