Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jeremy Lane Green--Right or Wrong?

Looking at Jeremy Lane Green's Facebook page, we're reminded of Sheffield's Richard Hull--someone who wears his personal beliefs on his sleeve. While we do believe in separation of church and state, we also believe Mr. Green could have caught more flies with honey than the threat of a lawsuit.

The TimesDaily article concerning the protest of prayer at Brooks School in Killen may leave out some salient details, but we have to wonder why Green didn't first contact the school or Lauderdale Superintendent William Valentine to discuss the substitution of a moment of silence for the traditional prayer.

Instead Green has filed a complaint with the Freedom from Religion Foundation, which has in turn twice contacted the school board. The board has turned the letters over to its attorney. No matter who wrote the letters, the legal proceedings are now identified with Green.

Who is Jeremy Lane Green? From his profile photo we see he proudly displays the red atheist "A" popularized by Richard Dawkins' Out Campaign. There's certainly nothing wrong with such a display, but most of us don't include an inset of John the Baptist, John Wesley, Martin Luther, or the Pope in our profile pics. We may infer that Green is an "in your face" kinda guy.

Green's Facebook profile is interesting for another reason; he may have less to lose than most area atheists who are a productive part of the Shoals business world. Green lists his education as including an MBA. The degree is quite an accomplishment, but sadly in this geographic area it may be comparable to the Vice Presidency--in other words not worth a bucket of warm spit.

Green also lists his employer as Google, where he states he works as a "Search Engine Evaluator." Not being familiar with that job title, a quick Google search soon informed us they do not personally hire these evaluators but sub-let the work to at least two other companies who, unfortunately, don't exactly pay these work at home evaluators an exorbitant salary.

We would suggest Mr. Green revise his employment data if he wishes the respect of the Shoals community. We also suggest, after reading other entries concerning Mr. Green, that he could better use his time by fighting discrimination against those who have had legal problems in the past. He would then be helping atheists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and perhaps even Pastafarians.