Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Law & Unmarked Police Cars

Surprisingly, many don't seem to know the law in Alabama concerning unmarked police cars. Yes, you have to stop, but not immediately if you're in an unlit, unpopulated area. Here's what the Alabama State Trooper's office has to say:

* Slow down, turn on your emergency flashers and proceed to a safe location--that could be the shoulder of the road, a home, store or somebody's driveway.

* Make sure the person is in a police uniform and asks for your driver's license. There's no reason for officers to ask anybody, especially a female, to step out of the car unless they suspect you've been driving under the influence.

* If an unmarked car pulls you over and you want to make sure it's a law enforcement officer, call 911 or *47 and check to see if an officer is in the area. Unmarked cars are mostly used during the daytime and rarely at night.

Here's hoping the degenerate in Lauderdale County who's been posing as an officer of the law will be quickly apprehended.


Recent updates on the Brandon Shane Mundy vehicular homicide case indicate that civil suits against both Mundy personally and the town of North Courtland are ongoing; however, should the family of Mundy's two victims win their suit against North Courtland, the damages will be capped at 200K. Munday continues to use the "thin blue line" logo on his Facebook page, although he is no longer employed in law enforcement.

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