Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Daniel Rosser Escapes Just in Time

Charles Daniel Rosser Jr. is a very busy man these days. A graduate of Deshler High School, UNA, and the Birmingham School of Law, Daniel is currently a Democratic candidate for Colbert County Probate Judge.

However, the name Daniel Rosser may be more familiar to the Shoals area as the current attorney for the small Colbert County town of Cherokee. Since succeeding Rebecca Narmore, Rosser has not had smooth sailing in the position of town attorney, but neither would have any other lawyer. Now, Rosser has wisely submitted his resignation.

Rosser has pledged he will remain with the troubled town until a replacement can be found. Considering Cherokee's reputation, that may be some time. Officially, Rosser is the first candidate of either party to announce. Current probate judge Thomas Crosslin has held that position for a number of years and is rumored to be considering retirement. He also has collected nine votes on the Courthouse Forum as the worst judge in Alabama--extremely subjective voting, but something to consider.

We wish Mr. Rosser the best of luck in his campaign, as well as a speedy departure from Cherokee. We doubt that if elected Rosser will continue to list that post on his CV.


Congratulation to Alfie Crosslin, the Dragon Dog, on being appointed the official mascot of the Renaissance Faire. We can't think of anyone who deserves it more.

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