Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let's Play "Name the Three Locations!"

Ready, Guys? Here we go...the first one to identify all three locations wins the game and proves they're as smart as Joe Roach.

Location Number One: It's in Colbert County, but that's the only clue we can give you.

Location Number Two: It's in Colbert County on TVA property. Now you say that location has already been named and right you are. Of course there are the two little problems of TVA not letting RegionalCare have the land and Keller Hospital tying up the Certificate of Need for years.

A TVT Forum poster writes:

They aren't going to build it in Colbert County. Colbert Co doesn't want that, Lauderdale Co doesn't want that, and more importantly, they aren't going to shell out $40 mil in additional costs for not building in Lauderdale Co. He's playing everybody so that when the site is announced - and they've known what the site will be for at least a year - they won't get any flak.

Location Number Three: It's in Lauderdale County and Rhea Fulmer has mentioned the location at least once. A faithful and brilliant reader writes:

I find it very hard to believe that Regional Care can alter its commitment to build in Lauderdale County or to "hand back the keys". They have been running the hospital for quite awhile, and they have implemented significant changes.

RCH has invested quite a bit of money already with the Times Daily and surely has a commitment for ongoing advertising. Do you think this fact might have influenced Mike Goens to recommend the TVA site, or possibly, even unknowingly, to play along with Roach's manipulation?

Dewey Mitchell should be committed to a Lauderdale county site due to his elected position, yet we know that some of the politicians involved are not running for re-election.

There was a TD article published on 9-7-11 by Tom Smith titled "Commission: Hospital best in Lauderdale County" (which I did print at the time so I do have a copy of it). In the article, Rhea Fulmer is identified as Lauderdale County Commissioner. She identified " a site on Lauderdale 47, just north of Cox Creek Parkway" being discussed, and it appears to be the only Lauderdale county site under consideration.

The TVA site can hardly be 10 miles from the Lauderdale site, so how much difference can there be in calling it a "regional" location also? I cannot imagine the ambulance/ emergency response situation on the bridges. And I cannot imagine the impact to our Florence economy if the hospital is relocated to another county. A drive through Sheffield is sobering.

I also cannot imagine the legal mess involved in selecting a Colbert County site, Keller's rightful opposition, the Certificate of need delay. This drama is almost absurd, and that's why I continue to wonder whether this is legitimate or simply game-playing/ manipulation. I see you have expressed the same.

Yesterday's TD photo of Roach with the words emphasized "Location, location, location...No site has been selected, no options signed, no money has changed hands." That seems a rather bizarre focus for the meeting but also quite deliberate.

So, folks, is it all smoke and mirrors? Will it be the Lauderdale location--perhaps for a lower price since the owner may now be spooked about the deal? We await your input--we'll publish any thoughts from the public.


Yes!!! Yayness!!! It's that time again, starting tomorrow!

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