Friday, October 28, 2011

Green v. Brooks: Nothing but the Facts - Part II (Not Even a Moment of Silence?)

Yesterday we discussed atheist Jeremy Lane Green who protested public prayer at Brooks High School football games. We read on a local forum that today we would "tear apart" the Brooks Lions Will Pray movement. That is not our intention, but we do have a few words of constructive criticism for those involved.

1. Apparently no one either knew or checked the law before beginning the group. Superintendent William Valentine has already assented to the FFRF's request, a fact that should have been little in doubt, if at all.

2. Now the Brooks group has contacted state senator Tammy Irons in hopes of modifying the law in some manner. We doubt even Ms. Irons has the ability to sway the Supreme Court in its current incarnation. Time spent in meaningless activity is ill spent.

3. There is also talk of a huge fund-raising project in order to retain a lawyer to plead the group's case. Sorry, folks, he or she will have no more influence than Ms. Irons.

4. Many in the group don't know the names of the school board members and apparently are unaware the Lauderdale County school system has its own web site.

5. Many in the group don't seem to understand the Freedom From Religion Foundation is not connected to the ACLU.

6. The group is supposedly composed of Christians, but many of the comments by group members and others who oppose Mr. Green have been anything but Christian. Let's look at some of them...

Where does he live? If it is Lauderdale county, run him out of town!!!!! (referring to Green)

he is scum. (referring to Valentine)

the hell with them...

6. As long as the group continues along these lines, it will only serve to give Green a second 15 minutes of fame. Think about it.


It should be noted that William Valentine made his decision to delete public prayers (and supposedly moments of silence) from county ball games in conjunction with the system's attorney James Irby. The decision concerning public prayer was mandated by law; however, they did not confer with school board members. Those who say they will not vote for any current members are not practicing the fairness they claim they have been denied.

Also, it seems that only county sports are involved in this decision. Youth games sponsored by various leagues are exempt from this decision. That will not stop Green or others from protesting the leagues' use of county property. This is something the Brooks group should be considering if they wish to be one step ahead of the next legal challenge. Good luck in your future endeavors to help the school in any legal way possible.