Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who is Laura Fitterman & Why Are People Saying These Things about Her?

While researching our column for Monday, we came upon a blog entitled Stop Laura Fitterman. Obviously we wanted to know exactly what we're supposed to stop Ms. Fitterman from doing--apparently it's adopting stray animals, breeding them, and then selling the progeny for profit.

While we don't agree with everything the blog has to say (after all, where had kittens rather sleep than a pile of laundry on the floor?), we did find that the author made some interesting points. Since Ms. Fitterman has been banned from professional organizations, as well as being charged with cruelly to animals, we would suggest any animal purchased from her might not be in the best of health and also such purchases might encourage more of her collecting mania.


No Human is Illegal?

While humans are not illegal, certain immigrants are. Let's look at some recent statements from such illegal immigrants, replacing a few words in each:

1. I can't stop stealing. My daughters need shoes and other things.

2. Every time I go out
to rob, I pray to God, 'Help us come back.'

3. "I don't want to tell her it's because we're
thieves," she said through a translator.

Yes, these illegal immigrants steal funds that could go to needy citizens or help the United States balance its budget. It's interesting that most pictures of protesters depict college age students who in all probability still live at home or at least rely on their parents for support. We doubt they'll feel the same once they begin to pay taxes.