Friday, October 7, 2011

Goodbye, Chief Rick Singleton? Hello, Sheriff Rick Singleton?

A trusted source has reported that Florence Police Chief Rick Singleton may soon announce his candidacy for Lauderdale County Sheriff, a post now held by Ronnie (Pass the Donuts, You Pretty Young Thing You) Willis. We would consider Chief Singleton to be the proverbial shoe-in should such an election take place, but would it be a step up for him?

Online sources list the median salary for both Alabama police chiefs and sheriffs as $88,143.00; however, the Florence police chief currently earns $87,919.00 while Lauderdale's sheriff earns only $85,402.00. Is Chief Singleton eligible for a city retirement or is he simply tired of watching the county's law enforcement being mismanaged?

If the Florence chief should leave, who would succeed him? It wouldn't be unusual for the city council to interview outside the area for a new chief. Looking inward at the current department, Deputy Chief Tim Shaddix seems a logical choice. Whoever it might be would have tremendous shoes to fill.


A reader comments on immigration law protests:

They are protesting the State of Alabama's enforcement of United States Criminal Code related to immigration to this country. Period, end of story, nothing more-nothing less. Those advocating for the "rights" of illegal immigrants prefer that the State of Alabama not enforce the law, or attempt to enforce the law. The State of Alabama--anemic from a long-running economic downturn, a failed "economic stimulus" plan from the "Agent of Change and Hope" (yes we can!...but no we haven't), prefers to enforce the law in hopes of combating a huge economic drain on the State. Interestingly enough, the illegals are largely silent on the matter, and are simply moving to states where illegal immigration laws are not enforced. So, why are they not protesting and advocating for their own "rights"? Because they know the law, know they are breaking the law, and want to hide somewhere safe while the so-called "enlightened" liberals protest and scream "racism"....What a country....gota love it!