Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jon Wallis Sentenced/Presley a Republican

Jon Thomas Wallis, accused of drug trafficking and the attempted murder of his wife, has been sentenced to 15 years, with three to serve and 12 on probation. The charges against Tanya Marie Wallis were dropped. We hope Mrs. Wallis and her child can now put the incident behind them.

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Jon Thomas Wallis



On Monday we reported that Dale Presley was running for the Colbert County Commission in District 6 on the Democratic ticket. We've been informed that Ms. Presley, a Cherokee Dollar General manager, is in fact running under the Republican banner. She may make her official announcement as early as next week. Good luck, Dale!

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We attempted to present snippets from both sides in yesterday's blog on the Freedom from Religion Foundation's campaign to end public prayer at school sponsored events in Lauderdale County; apparently we did an excellent job since each side in the debate has been highly critical of the column. We have received several comments on both sides that bear repeating, so tomorrow we'll dedicate our blog to a second look at the issue--one that's bound to linger long past football season.

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