Saturday, October 29, 2011

Loose Threads & Looser Minds

The past two days we've commented on both sides of the Jeremy Lane Green versus Brooks High School legal wranglings. We've been forwarded this comment:

I know who Sholanda (sic) Speaks is. She likes to keep things going to keep people arguing.. Every time you visit her website she receives money. Look how she went from one extreme to another with all of this.

We're not going to name the person who posted this on Facebook. We've never met the poster, but would like to encourage her/him to show us where we have contradicted ourselves. We've simply presented the facts/fallacies on both sides and invite rebuttal as usual. If anyone can show us where we have inadvertently published any false info, please do so.

As for making money each time someone views our page? We are a member of the Google Ad Network. That means we make from two to ten cents for every thousand who visit our site during a 24 hour period. We have never claimed we were in this for money; we certainly aren't and if all we cared about was money, we would be running a sex site, or perhaps a 900 number.

When individuals post false claims on any site, atheist or Christian or Jew or Muslim, they do not speak well of the groups they represent.


Things that will never happen again in our lifetime:

We'll never see a Coffee v. Sheffield game on Turkey Day
We'll never see a Coffee game. Period.
We'll never see a Bradshaw game.
We'll never hear the stirring strands of Dixie at any ballgame.
We'll never see a noose on Hangman's Corner in Florence at Halloween.
We'll never drive by Culpepper's to pick up a dozen flake rolls.
We'll never drive on Court Street at dusk and look in awe at the Coke sign.
We'll never pick up a copy of a locally owned daily newspaper.
We'll never read the adventures of Slats Grobnik or Wing and a Prayer Airline.

Things change. The important thing is that we make them change for the better.