Monday, October 17, 2011

RegionalCare to "Hand Back the Keys" to ECM?

Mike Goens, Managing Editor of the Shelton family's TimesDaily, always has an interesting column--not that accurate, but interesting. You may remember that until recently Goens sang the praises of National Alabama and all that corporation would accomplish. Now we're waiting to see how the legalities of National Alabama's dissolution will work.

It seems Goens is currently theorizing that if Joe Roach can't build the new regional hospital in Colbert County, he and his superiors at RegionalCare may just return the Coffee Health Group to Lauderdale County. While we haven't read the contract with our magnifying specs on, we doubt that would be an easy thing to do, if it were doable at all.

Could it be that CEO Joe Roach simply likes to play with his adoring public? We've said before, if the hospital were to be planned for Colbert County, just how long would Keller hold up the Certificate of Need?


What's a good American and what's a bad American? A friend recently sent an essay to us entitled I'm a Bad American. The essay is written by Ted Nugent (so be forewarned), but it holds as many truths as it does fallacies. No we certainly don't agree with all of the concepts contained therein, but it does make for interesting, and humorous, reading.