Friday, October 14, 2011

170 Hispanic Students Boycott Russellville City Schools

A source with Russellville City Schools has stated 108 Hispanic students were absent from high school classes on Wednesday. The educator further stated that if the parents of these children really cared for their offspring, as well as wanting to obey U.S. laws, the children would have been in attendance. "They're the ones who suffer. They're the ones who really needed to be here," said the source. A total of 170 were reported absent from the entire system.

We agree totally. Sadly, these children were used as pawns; that doesn't speak well of the parents or of their goals.


The Russellville Fire Department was called to the A.W. Todd Centre yesterday to remove Hispanics from the premises. There were conflicting reports of the exact number who were asked to leave the meeting where further protests of Alabama's new immigration law were being planned, but the Fire Marshal stated the number in attendance exceeded the meeting room's capacity.


What did the Hispanic boycott accomplish? Probably nothing its originators intended. Those who didn't purchase or sell goods on the day of the boycott purchased more the day before or the day after. Employees who failed to show up for work now have a black mark against them. Students who were kept home from school have missed a day of learning and are now that much further behind those who did attend.

We're going to guess that logic isn't a strong point with those who framed this protest...