Sunday, October 30, 2011

Amanda Watkins to be Tried on Halloween...

Former Sheffield Junior High teacher Amanda Duboise Watkins is scheduled to be tried for second degree rape tomorrow--Halloween. It seems a fitting day for the long awaited trial to begin. Assuming a jury can be struck before Noon tomorrow, the defense may begin its case as early as Tuesday morning, and a verdict by Wednesday or Thursday could be expected.

News reports indicate Watkins is now residing in Franklin County where we're sure Kimberly Bynum is anxiously awaiting the verdict as well. Bynum has yet to be indicted by a Franklin County grand jury on similar charges.

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Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan is calling Halloween a pedophile's dream come true. All registered sex offenders are being required to attend special training classes tomorrow night, but just in case, parents should know who's where in their trick-or-treating territory.

Many sites list convicted sex offenders, but the most informative is run by the Alabama Department of Corrections. Clicking on the PDF/Adobe symbol below an offender's info brings up a printable handout. Kudos to whomever designed the DOC site.