Monday, October 10, 2011

Who Will Replace Retiring Jenoice Bevis?

Long-time Lauderdale County administrator Jenoice Bevis will be retiring at the end of December, if not earlier. The search for a successor began some weeks ago when the county commission posted the future job opening. By the end of the application deadline, six individuals had applied for the plum job. Among those reported to have applied were Bill Lovelace of the Juvenile Court and the secretary to Judge Dewey Mitchell; the names or positions of the other four applicants have not been reported to us.

After reviewing the six applications, the commission decided that none of those who expressed interest in the job was qualified. Just what are the qualifications for the position of county administrator? The new county administrator must possess a degree in either business or accounting and have experience in fund accounting. We understand that even Mrs. Bevis does not meet these criteria.

The job has not been reposted, and Mrs. Bevis will be leaving in ten weeks--at the most.


Would David Bronner ever leave the RSA? A reader has mentioned the possibility to us. Certainly now that the National Alabama debacle is more or less in the past, Bronner is riding high again. Now would be the perfect time to head to the proverbial greener pastures where his job would not be dependent on the whims of a state legislature. Keep your eyes and ears open.