Saturday, October 15, 2011

What's a Criminal?/Tim Yeager Update

If you answered "one who commits a crime," you're correct. Subjectively, we don't see those guilty of speeding or running a stop sign as being criminals, but they are. That means that most of us have committed criminal acts at some time in our lives. Similarly, those who come to this country illegally are criminals. It shouldn't be hard to understand.

The TimesDaily is currently running articles on the effect Alabama's new immigration law is having on Franklin County. Apparently many legal merchants were dependent on illegals for much of their business. Would we have sympathy for the pawn shop owner who complained of losing half his business when local drug dealers were arrested? We think not.


We've received information that the charges of sexual molestation against Iuka Middle School coach Tim Yeager are still ongoing. We should have more information concerning the status of his case in a few weeks.

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