Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chris Gay's Sheffield Office Closed (Permanently?)

The Sheffield office of osteopath Christopher Parker Gay is again closed. This marks the third such occurrence in two years. Sources with Helen Keller Hospital and local authorities have refused comment on the state of the practice; however, those who wish not to be identified have stated the office will not reopen.

This is extremely likely to be a correct assessment on the situation. Kim Gay, Christopher's wife and office manager, is currently offering office supplies, including insurance forms, on eBay. We will publish more info as soon as it can be verified.

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Another plus for the new immigration law? It seems that since many illegal immigrants have left the state, businesses have hired over 200 work release employees. These employees are then required to pay for their room and board, as well as pay a certain percentage of their wages to their victims, assuming they owe restitution. That's a win/win/win situation for the State of Alabama.