Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Military Contract for Navistar Barton?/Publix & Propinquity

Navistar's Military Vehicle MaxxPro

It now seems those pre-Christmas layoffs at the RSA/Navistar plant in Barton weren't just the work of a Grinch. Sources close to the former National Alabama plant say the untimely terminations were the result of new, more stringent background checks.

Why were such background checks necessary? It seems the American Motors HHMVWs, or Humvees, lost favor with the military some time ago. The preferred vehicle for desert combat is the mine-resistant MaxxPro, a Navistar product.

Does this definitely mean the new Navistar facility will be producing components for the MaxxPro or a similar vehicle? We should find out next week...


What do Wal-Mart, Publix, and propinquity have in common? They're all elements in the local battle for your buck. Many thought it odd that Publix would have located so close to Florence's existing Wal-Mart, yet Publix probably thought it an ideal location. Routine Wally World shoppers can easily drive to the new Publix to finish off their weekly shopping. It's why you often see restaurants and hotels clustered together; if one doesn't provide what the customer wants, he has to only drive or walk next door.

Now Wal-Mart is planning a second super not remotely close to any major shopping area. (Sorry, Big Star and CVS--you're just not a destination unto yourself.) Those cash spending customers from the western end of the county or southern Tennessee will now be isolated from the new Publix, Target, Regency Square Mall, and K-Mart, assuming the latter stays in this area. You can't say the Wally World honchos don't know their marketing.


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  1. Congratulations on the Max pro Jobs , Sounds good Canada needs to do more military spending , More to Canada then just hockey eh

  2. I shopped at Publix for 30 years before moving to this area. You're gonna love it guys. They go through everything regularly, no more outdated products, spoiled produce, etc. They carry a lot of those ingredients you need for cooking, that can not be found here. And every week they have buy one get one free items, you will save a lot of money. I'm stoked. They sell a lot of organic items, and free range meats. They also sell sushi and subs made to order. Whole Foods in the only supermarket I like better.