Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Will Be Jon Thomas Wallis' Sentence?

Those familiar with the art of tattooing would obviously call Jon Thomas Wallis an accomplished practitioner. Wallis himself liked the name "Ink Slinger" well enough to have it permanently inscribed on his neck.

How long will Tommy Wallis, convicted of drug trafficking and attempted murder, be away from his chosen profession? Wallis is currently serving a mandatory three years for his October drug conviction, with 12 to serve on probation upon his release. Three years must seem like a relatively short sentence compared to what he may now be facing.

Last week, a Lauderdale County jury convicted Wallis of the attempted murder of his wife, a Class A felony. The TimesDaily has reported the Ink Slinger will serve a minimum of 10 years; however, this crime committed with a gun adds another ten years to the sentence. Tommy Wallis has previously seemed to admire tattoos of guns; we doubt he feels the same way now.

Assuming Wallis has no other felonies of record and that he is sentenced to the minimum, he should be eligible for parole after approximately seven years. He will receive no Correctional Incentive Time for a Class A felony. Those who wish to go on record as opposing Tommy Wallis' parole may write:

Alabama Board of Pardons & Paroles
Re: Jon Thomas Wallis, AIS 280574
Post Office Box 302405
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-2405

Telephone: (334) 353-7771, 353-8067
FAX: (334) 242-1809


John James Common, aka J.J., is a familiar figure around Russellville. It's hard to miss his small truck with the bullet holes in the passenger door. Common, 28, has several convictions involving drugs and is no stranger to prison. Our sources in the Russellville Police Department say he has his own entrance with a revolving door.

On parole for his drug offenses, Common was wearing an ankle monitor yesterday when he
broke into the home where his ex-girlfriend was staying and attempted to kidnap the 21 year-old. This is the same girlfriend he once hit in the belly while she was pregnant. We're pretty sure they've kept his bed warm at the Limestone Correctional Facility. We're also pretty sure he qualifies as a habitual offender.

Let's hope J.J. stays away for a long time...


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  1. I think Jon Thomas Wallis should be sentenced to the gym! Sheesh! Work on those abs dude!

  2. Ummmmmmmmmmm, you people have no clue what you are taking about. Tommy is a wonderful father & all around a wonderful person. He didn't shoot that crazy, strung out woman.. She just made that whole story up for attention.. Any one of you see the actual trial? Because if you had, you would know that the Forensic expert said that there was NO way that he had her in a head lock & shot her in the head the way she says it happened because with a pistol of that much power he would not have been able to hold her the way she says & even come close to shooting her, except for the very top of the head & killing her instantly. He also stated that the gun shot wound looked self inflicted- as if she was sitting in the floor, put the gun to her head, & pulled the trigger herself.. You people can say what you would like but that man has a heart of gold & if you really knew him, you would know that he would NEVER hurt the mother of any of his children because he believes that a child should always have both parents in their lives....

  3. He's a wonderful father? Yet he's also doing time for drug trafficking, is he not? Mother of any of his children? Apparently this all round nice guy has a problem staying in a relationship. Perhaps those who have accused him of abuse in the past got tired of it and moved on. A jury of 12 men and women found him guilty. The district attorney isn't going to ask for a life sentence because Wallis has been a boy scout up until now...

  4. JJ has been in and out of trouble all of his life, well every since I knew him(which was when he and I were 14). Right after I first met him he beat up a younger kid really bad and went to detention(1998),after that he got into trouble for raping a mentally challenged girl,he plead guilty but was a juvenile at the time)1999). The he went to jail for drugs got out on house arrest got pulled over with drugs in the car took off running and was caught...at that time he had a gun and crack-cocaine in the vehicle he abandoned. He was sent to prison((2003-2005 not sure the exact date) Then he got out again and starting back selling drugs. He was involved in a wreck that killed a woman and broke his hip. He was arrested shortly there after for you guessed it drugs. While in Franklin County jail he got a charge for prison contraband,and bribing an officer. They sent him to prison(2007) Oh and did I mention he was again on house arrest when he got arrested this time...broken hip and all. He got out 2010 and been arrested probably about 3-4 times since. One time was in Lauderdale county for shooting at someone. He was on FEDERAL house arrest monitor during this last little stint he pulled. Oh and let's not forget about him running onto the Russellville football field to shoot a player he had a problem with back a few years ago.