Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ash Lette: Turned in Ronald Weems for Murder of Amanda Taylor

Ash Lette, aka Ashley Greenhill, lived with Ronald Weems and his mother in their Muscle Shoals home on Moss Avenue. According to sources with the Muscle Shoals Police Department, the Brooks High graduate provided the tip that led searchers to the area off Gnat Pond Road where the body of Amanda Leeth Taylor lay partially hidden.

Greenhill, a hair dresser, has yet to be charged in the crime, but authorities are not ruling out more arrests. Other sources outside the police department have stated Ashley Greenhill, sometime girlfriend of Ron Weems, is the link between Weems and Matthew Fox who has also been arrested in the heinous killing.


We will have more on both Matthew Fox and Laurel Pruett later in the week, but the owners of Arx Mortis have asked us to relay that Fox was not working at the Killen Halloween attraction on the night of October 17th. The day of Amanda's murder fell on Monday, a day the popular attraction was closed.

However, it would seem Fox has another alibi that may be even stronger. Was he lured to the crime scene by Ash Lette? A reliable witness has said that he was.


From Carla Andrasik, widow of David Andrasik:

God's amazing us as always :) a friend/graduating classmate of David's from his school in Florida came today to place decorations on his grave and she works for a Books-A-Million, they sent two HUGE bagfulls of toys, gifts for David's children. The look on our children's faces was priceless. What a precious outpour of love! Wanted to share this great goodness of God working thru others...

The case against two men accused of killing David will go before the January Franklin County grand jury. Pray that justice will be served.



  1. That girl's hand are just as dirty as the rest of them. The police are not idiots they know she is, you can get a sense of that from reading the warrant. She knew where Amanda's remains were left, knew precisely where but thought she was being smart by directing the police to a few wrong places first. But she was smart doing all this first so she could cut and run before anything came of it. Don't worry you hatchet yielding psycho they'll get you too.

  2. probably the smartest out of that bunch. She was the first to roll, thus cutting some kind of deal.

  3. I hope they all get whats coming to them!! she may be the one that snitched BUT she is just as guilty as the rest of them. I say throw her butt in jail with the rest of them and throw away the keys.

  4. She also has been accused of burning her children with cigarettes before.

  5. She actually had her kids taken away from her because she bit a chunk out of one of them, and she did time for it.
    And she is not a hair dresser, she's a stripper.
    She's a student of cosmetology at NWSCC, but that's it.
    An unknown source also says that Ashley also contacted her for help before Fox came to her aid.
    I know both Ashley and Fox personally, and I know he would not have went over there if she hadn't tricked him into believing she was in trouble.

  6. I don't care about the lyrics or group singing them..that is completely irrelevant to the fact that a young mother's life is GONE!!..I can't and quite frankly don't want to comprehend what kind of EVIL people it took to commit this horribe crime. plot and conspire....the affidavit clearly states what kind of monsters they are!! I would strongly think about my own character if I had any incline to defend any of these actions. I will continue to pray for all involved. I have children and what a wake up call it is of the importance to pray for them and to keep them safe from of monsters(they don't deserve to be described as anything less) that is capable of such a crime!!

  7. Although Ashley has obvious involvement in the murder of Amanda, without her confessing who knows when or if they would have found Amanda's body! She may be a sorry excuse for a human being but, without her tattling on Weems, the search for Amanda could still be on going.