Friday, December 2, 2011

Strengthening Ties? What Were You Thinking?

Florida Native/UNA Student Amanda Hernandez

Let's see...we want to strengthen ties between Shoals bloggers and the rest of the community; how should we go about it? about a demonstration where we sing We Shall Overcome and chant anti-Shoals slogans. Yep, that should do it. Mrs. Hernandez, what were you thinking? How could anyone logically think non-citizens demonstrating against a state law would strengthen ties between Hispanic immigrants and Shoals citizens?

As for our friend Hank Sherrod, we admire you greatly (not to mention actually being able to spell your name correctly), but we would love to see you first attend to laws that adversely affect Alabama citizens before you start advocating for non-citizens.
Perhaps the ACLU could work to remedy damage accomplished by former Attorney General Troy King who added as many as 11 crimes to the basic list of felonies composing moral turpitude. We hope none of our reading audience is ever arrested for jaywalking in this state--who knows whether it's now on the list or not.

Arguing for the rights of illegal immigrants while Alabama citizens are wrongly denied the vote or any other basic civil right is incomprehensible. Think about it; look at those who do so; then think about it again.


Our friend O.B. left the following comment on one of our recent blogs, but we feel it deserves a second look:

It continues to amaze me that people, Americans, play the race card. Being an illegal immigrant isn't a race, it is a crime. One that our own federal government has seemed to forget. Move here, get legal and learn the language. My grandparents didn't have a problem doing that. They were proud to do it.

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  1. Go into China or one of the Middle East countries, illegally and you are never seen again. My Mom and family came to this country after escaping a Russian concentration camp in WWII with nothing. They had to repay everything later that they were lent. They were told you are in America now learn English.